Food Truck a Family Affair

Huevones Shares Family’s Culture + Food with the Community

It’s about culture.

It’s about opening the doors to someone else and letting them experience mom’s home cooking. Cooking that has been passed on through the generations; and now it’s being passed on to you.

It’s about taking the time to do it right. Teasing the flavors out of the ingredients before moving on to the next step because that is what sets it apart.  

In a season of hurry and instant gratification, it is rediscovering timing and patience in order to hand over a plate truly made with love and care. It’s about service.

This place exists right here in Colorado Springs, except the “doors” are a window and “home” is a food truck called Huevones.

Culture + Family

Gerardo Arreola moved to Colorado Springs from Chicago, and brings with him his Mexican culture and regard for food. The whole dream in moving here was to start a food truck and share his family’s culture and food with the community.

His team consists of two special ladies. Mekayla is Gerardo’s sous chef in the kitchen and partner in life as they navigate starting a food truck from scratch in a new city wielding social media as their connection to the community. La Jefa–the boss–is Elia, his mom. Gerardo gives her all the credit for his love and passion for food. She infused culture and care in teaching him about food and family. She is sure to slow him down when he tries to rush and reminds him to follow his dreams. Thank goodness for moms.    

His brother, Jesus, helped him find and fund the truck to start up. And Gerardo reminisces on spending time with his father and uncle learning and apprenticing as a butcher. It truly is a family affair.

Food is Art

It’s a small space to work with, and sometimes the menu is based on what is available, fresh, and organic. “Food is art,” Gerardo says, “and sometimes the best art comes from limited resources.” 

There are a handful of things on the menu at any given time, but his patrons will always find fresh buttermilk flour tortillas and salsas.

“Everything else above that is a bonus,” he laughs. It’s about balancing acid, spice and fat–“we are just looking to make the best bite.”

Facebook + Instagram: @huevonescafe

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