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For the Love of Fishing!

Kids Need to Fish

Getting children outdoors and into fishing can make a difference in their lives. Fish America Now (FAN) offers a unique platform for mentoring, educating, and inspiring kids to learn to fish.

Kids Need to Fish. This thought is what inspired Jimmy Mauldin to start the Fish America Now Foundation. With technology use at an all-time high among school-aged students, Fish America Now strives to get kids away from their devices and outside to gain valuable skills and instill a love for the outdoors.

"There is something magical that happens sitting by a pond that doesn't happen anywhere else," says Jimmy Mauldin, CEO/President of Fish America Now Foundation.

The tagline "Kids Need to Fish" is the heart and soul of Fish America Now. From day trips to the local pond to weekend getaways at area lakes, Fish America Now helps form bonds and bring people together, providing children and families with fun, educational opportunities. 

FAN's platform consists of three programs –– FAN Club, FAN News, and FAN Guides. With the inaugural launch of FAN this spring, the organization will reach out to local parents and community members, recruiting teachers and mentors. After proper training, these volunteers will help lead their local FAN Club to get kids out to fish. 

Kids kindergarten through sixth grade can join their local FAN Club for a one-time administration fee of $29. Each member will receive a FAN tackle box, a fishing shirt, and sponsor amenities. Kids will receive lessons via online modules and in-person training, covering topics such as casting techniques, equipment, tackle assembly, fish handling, fish identification, fishing safety, aquatic education, and conservation. Kids will take what they have learned and hit the pond.

Another important piece of the organization is FAN News, a fishing blog and printed newsletter. This monthly publication will allow those involved with FAN Clubs to learn about local fishing events and other important information to further aid in helping kids love to fish. The final piece of Fish America Now is FAN Guides, a network of licensed, professional fishing guides.

FAN is launching in Prosper, Texas, and then expanding to other local communities later this year. Long-term plans include organizing FAN on a national scale.

"Fishing is a lifelong skill and something that people will continue to learn over their lifetime," says Mauldin. "It is important to start young. Kids need to fish."

For more information on how you can support or get involved with Fish America Now contact Jimmy Mauldin at or visit