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For the Love of Jewelry

Jewelry Artist and Instructor Lyndsey Rieple: Challenging What Society Deems Valuable

Lyndsey Rieple is an artist in every sense of the word. Her parents, both artists, encouraged her to explore her abilities by providing abundant materials, resources and creative freedom as she was growing up. Her first passion was drawing, then she discovered jewelry making while working in a costume shop.  

“I was going to be an illustrator, but I suspect after the 10,000th hour of drawing, my brain needed an artform that fed my mechanical inclinations and traveling ways,” Rieple says.

Jewelry Artist + Designer

As a jewelry artist, Rieple has a distinct personal style. She combines brass and silver metals with natural elements such as wood, antlers, and stones. Many of her pieces include reclaimed or repurposed items, as well. One of her more popular ring designs offers a “flip stone,” so users can choose one of two different stones to display.

“Creating a unique juxtaposition of natural and industrial materials has also been a way for me to challenge what society deems valuable,” she says. “By using materials that are largely repurposed or reclaimed, I can design wearables that speak to something warm, relatable, and even reachable.” 

Rieple also makes fine jewelry under her LLC and for Berges Jewelry Design, where she works part time. She accepts custom orders and also repairs and resizes jewelry.

Teaching + Inspiring

When Rieple isn’t designing or creating, she is doing what she loves most: teaching. She offers silversmithing classes through Cottonwood Silver & Lapidary inside the Cottonwood Center for the Arts building. There are four core classes: Intro to Silversmithing: Ring; Intro to Silversmithing: Pendant; Intro to Silversmithing: Earrings; Intro to Silversmithing: Bracelet.

“These workshops are designed to be taken in any order and offer different and overlapping techniques to learn,” Rieple says. “My goal is to be both a fun workshop that you've been wondering about, while also being sort of a trade school for people who want to continue in this craft professionally or as their main hobby.”

Instagram + Facebook: @lyndseyrieplejewelry