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Jen Dillender Photography

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As you turn the pages it is my hope you feel proud of your town, that it touches your heart with inspirational stories, and inspires you!

My creative spirit crept in at an early age. I remember drawing NKOTB sketches during church. Jordan was my fave, no judgement please. From there it was collages made of old magazines, because that's what we had for entertainment pre-internet; magazines! I moved on to high school newspaper and yearbook, photography, blogs, websites, and now magazine editor and photographer. I'm also a mom, wife and active member of the community. 

It is my goal to help you remember why you choose to live in this incredible town. Come with me as we pour into Dripping Springs by celebrating its successes, applauding work well done, and by loving our neighbors.

  • Jen Dillender Photography