CHS History Repeats Itself

Article by Christine Clark

Photography by Melissa Hatcher

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

On a spring day in 2022, Ryan McCoy broke a Celina High School [CHS] track record for the 200-meter dash that had been held by local resident, Marquin Hunn, since the early 1980s. Marquin, a member of the Miller family with deep Celina roots, graduated from Celina High School in 1984. That track record had become part of the family’s lore. 

Ryan, now a class of 2024 senior, has been close to her record setting pace of 25.68, but this is a sport where every second counts, and has not been able to pass it in subsequent track seasons. Her final race in 2023 finished just seconds off the pace at 26.37. Ryan set a goal to pass the record in her freshman year in high school and was surprised to achieve that goal in her sophomore year. She shares that setting a new record in 2024 would be amazing. 

These two ladies have much in common. Marquin was raised in Celina as part of an athletic family where her dad coached football, and her brothers played sports. She was involved in dance and music but had a natural gift for running. Ryan has also been raised as part of an athletic family in Celina, and while she loves running, her passion is really volleyball. Ryan has been part of Celina Volleyball teams that went as far as district competition in 2022, and only lost a game in the state championship round in 2023. Both ladies share a passion and love for the way the Celina community supports local kids to achieve. 

Discussing the passage of time with Marquin, she shares advice she would give to all Celina students whether in the arts or sports. If you are gifted with a special talent, hone that talent, nurture it, and allow God to guide you in using that gift to achieve all He has set for you. 

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