For the Love of Tacos

Taberna Street Tacos is a fiesta for the neighborhood

Taberna Street Tacos, the neighborhood restaurant of friends and co-owners Chris Corlett and Tryg Truelson opened in August of 2019. Known for their unique taco menu and fun, family-friendly ambiance, Taberna provides a memorable dining experience for the entire community. Chris shares some of the highlights of Taberna below.  

CR:  How did you get started in the business and what do you love about being in the restaurant industry?

CC: I started working in the industry at age 17 at a country club. I really enjoyed the culinary arts side of it because I like the creative part and the food part of it. It’s high energy and there is always something to do and always something to learn. I also love people and human part of it. I can make someone’s day, give them a great meal, provide nourishment, and give them a great experience.

CR: Where is Taberna Street Tacos located and what are you known for?

CC: We are located next to the Greenway Lakes Commons area across from Bde Maka Ska. We are known for tacos and for being your local, neighborhood bar. We’re very approachable and offer great viewing for sports and events on our televisions. We also have a great patio which is conducive for social events, meeting friends, dates, or having dinner with your family. Everyone loves tacos!

CR: What makes Taberna a unique concept in Minnesota?

CC: We provide the tacos in a little different way. We obviously have the traditional tacos that are everyone’s favorites like the carne asada, the carnitas, and the chorizo, but we also do outside the box tacos like our Korean BBQ. We have a great crispy shrimp and we also have a flower power taco. We do some fun and different things with tacos that not everyone else does - which gives us a unique character. In our area we also fit well into the neighborhood. We provide a great bar and patio scene for just about anyone for any occasion. And we offer a comfortable experience in every season in addition to providing free, onsite, heated parking for the cold winter months.


CR: Talk about your some of your events and happy hour specials

CC: Events were difficult last year due to the pandemic, but we are slowly bringing them back as people get more comfortable. We hosted events like “Yappy Hour” over lunch on the patio for customers and their dogs which included a special cartoonist providing complimentary illustrations of guests and their dogs. We also had a special dog menu that day. As far as events go, we’re excited to get back to them as long as they’re safe. We’re a big Vikings bar along with the Twins and the Wild. All of the fall and winter sports that everyone loves in Minnesota, we try to have the sound on for a lot of the games - especially the playoffs. Prior to the pandemic we were becoming known as a great spot to watch the games. We hope to have music back at some point too, but again, it’s really based on safety for our staff and guests.

As far as specials, we have one of the best happy hours in the city. We work really hard to still provide deals and value, even in these challenging times and throughout the last year and summer. Happy Hour is available every day from 3pm-5pm. It’s a really great deal for our guests. We have chips and guac and chips and queso for $5. One of the “fan” favorites is our $5 burger that we grind in house – it’s 100% ground chuck with two patties and cheese and it is only $5. We also offer $3 drinks, and all of our beers are $3, our house margaritas are $5, and well cocktails and drinks are also only $3.


CR: What is your personal favorite on the menu?

CC: That’s like picking a favorite child! I wrote the menu and for me it is whichever item is really making someone’s time and experience at Taberna memorable. Whenever someone calls me over to the table and wants to share with me how their taco or meal or the overall experience has exceeded their expectations, I am always so grateful and appreciative for those moments. There are a lot of people who work here at the restaurant that put all of their heart and hard work into that experience. I hope that everyone finds their own favorite. At the end of the day, I really want the guests to be happy with their own preference and I just hope to provide a diverse enough menu for them to be able to come back and enjoy it over and over again.

For more information and the full menu, visit:  

3126 West Lake Street including Free Indoor & Heated Parking

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