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Sergio Garcia, David Feherty, Bryson DeChambeau

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How Local Golf Icons, Sergio and Angela Garcia, Have Created Austin's Premier Charity Event

Sergio Garcia and his wife Angela Garcia, local golf icons, have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the lives of Texas children and families. Sergio, is a Spanish professional golfer with 26 international wins, including a win at the Master's and a Ryder Cup record of 28.5 points. Angela, is a former University of Texas golfer who later pursued a successful broadcasting career. Together, they sat down with West Austin City Lifestyle to talk about the Sergio & Angela Garcia Foundation and FORE Kids ATX, an annual event to raise funds for their charity projects.

Sergio, as a professional golfer, and Angela, with your golfing background at the University of Texas, how has the game of golf shaped not just your personal lives but also your philanthropic vision, especially with the inception of FORE Kids ATX?V

SG: For me, obviously, golf has given me the possibility of helping a lot of people, and that's something that I've always been very thankful and very lucky about. The least I can do is to give back as much as I can to those people who need it because of everything I've been able to achieve throughout my career and in golf.

AG: I have always been a big believer in what the game of golf teaches young people: how it instills integrity, honesty, and the joy of outdoor activities that span generations. A son can play with his father and his grandfather. There aren't many sports or activities that offer this multi-generational experience. Most of the young people we meet who play golf are extremely respectful, confident, look you in the eye, and take their hats off when they go inside. They have learned so much from participating in such a wonderful sport, and we believe that every kid, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to play golf.

As proud Austinites, you've selected certain organizations to benefit from FORE Kids ATX and its Charity Event. What's the story behind these choices? What personal connections or experiences made these organizations stand out for you?

AG: It was not easy to pick the initial charities that FORE Kids ATX and the Sergio and Angela Garcia Foundation would support because there are so many great and worthy organizations in Austin.

However, we strongly believe in the work that the organizations we support do, and we stand behind our choices 100%. Dell Children’s Medical Center is a no-brainer because they provide world-class healthcare to every child in Central Texas. We've had to take our own son to Dell Children's several times, and the care we received was incredible.

Foster Village is essential in helping foster kids and the families that take them in. They provide everything from diapers, car seats, cribs, shoes, toys, to backpacks for school. They also offer therapy and play therapy for foster children and support biological children of foster families as well as foster parents.

Save Muny is working to save Lions Municipal Golf Course in the heart of Austin, Texas, ensuring that children have a place to enjoy the outdoors and learn the game of golf, which means a lot to us and our foundation.

The UGLI Foundation, our Anti-Bullying Foundation, is of utmost importance as bullying continues to rise in schools and on social media. Our mission is to end bullying forever, making the world a better place for children. 

Looking ahead, what are the broader dreams and objectives you hold for your foundation? How do you envision its evolving role in the community? 

AG: We love the organizations that we already support, and we know of several others that we would like to get involved in. We also want our event, FORE Kids ATX, to become the premier event in Austin, Texas when it comes to fundraising.

People come, they give donations, they give sponsorships, and in turn for that, they get to have an incredible experience with local celebrities and celebrities from all over the world, golfers, culinary figures, other athletes, actors, singers, musicians.

The word is spreading that FORE Kids ATX is an incredible event, and we encourage people to secure their sponsorships and tables early in 2024 because it's going to sell out even faster than last year. We're extremely excited about that, so don't wait. Reserve your tables and sponsorships now, and let's make 2024 the best year yet.

What would you like to say to the supporters and sponsors of FORE Kids ATX, as well as West Austin locals considering involvement?

SG: Well, first of all, we would like to thank everyone who has been involved in and supported FORE Kids ATX. We'd also like to encourage them to become even more engaged. They have witnessed the kind of event we're hosting and the positive impact we're making on so many lives, so they should take pride in being a part of it. It's a fantastic opportunity to be a part of something amazing and transformative, where you can make a difference in numerous lives.

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  • Sergio Garcia, David Feherty, Bryson DeChambeau
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