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Fort Worth Junior Woman's Club

When women support each other, everyone wins.

There is a uniqueness to female friendships. Scientists are learning with increased certainty that female support systems are vital for success within the home and workplace. 

The Junior Woman's Club of Fort Worth, a local non-profit organization promoting social welfare, knows the impact of female-driven support systems all too well. The Junior Club, consisting of young women aged 21-40, is an offshoot of The Woman's Club of Fort Worth, where members transition after 40; founded in 1926 and presided over by President Camilla Campbell until 1928. Today, the JWC President is Britta Hinze, but each year the club elects a new volunteer Executive Committee consisting of a President and various officers. 

In the club, mentorship matters. Older Woman's Club members oversee the operations of each junior group to ensure the younger ladies have adequate support. "Many of them were in Junior Woman's Club 10-25 years ago," explains Hinze. "Members can join one or more of the 11 Groups within JWC that meet at least once a month. We have Groups that focus on food and culinary arts, wellness, dance, physical activity, new experiences, appreciation of the arts, and dining out at new restaurants, among other activities." 

For the JWC, every activity also benefits the community. This past December, the ladies held a holiday community action event at The Bearded Lady with a costumed Santa Claus and The Grinch as special guests. "We invited Love & Paws Pet Rescue to partner with us," says Hinze. "The general public was welcome to take free photos with our dressed-up characters and learn about the pet rescue. There were four dog adoptions from that event, plus the pet rescue received monetary donations. Our biggest fundraiser is our annual Spring Show Musical, created and performed by our members (plus a few gentlemen). We put on this year's show, Say You'll Be There, at The Ridglea Theater."

Every year the events vary depending on who is on the Executive Committee. In previous years, the JWC has hosted golf tournament fundraisers, a club softball tournament, Easter Tea with the Easter Bunny, a petting zoo, home tours, and shopping boutiques. Past theme parties include Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mardi Gras, Great Gatsby 20s, Monster Mash Halloween, Karaoke, Colonial Caddy Shack, Kentucky Derby, Glory Days high school throwback, & western. 

"I am happy to see our membership growth this year post-pandemic," says Hinze about the club's future. "We'll be able to put on bigger and even more amazing events with our continued club growth. Looking at a healthy, sustainable horizon for the club is incredibly exciting."

Hinze joined the JWC 10 years ago to make friends and network, slowly the club became her community; a home away from home to connect with women of similar interests, attend super social events, and form lifelong friendships. "There are awesome events on the calendar every month," she gushes. "So I always have fun things to do to keep me busy and active. I am so grateful for the friends I have made through Junior Woman's Club."