Fort Worth’s New Riverside Restaurant Is Cooler in More Ways Than One

Dining at Quince is like taking a vacation without leaving your hometown. 

Walking into Quince, Fort Worth’s newest riverfront dining destination, your jaw might drop over the stunning patio views. Or you might be overwhelmed by the eclectic menu inspired by cultural hot spots like New Orleans, Lima, Peru, and Mexico City. Perhaps you’ll be impressed by the impeccable service. You’ll likely be amazed by the perfect trifecta of all three. 

Open since March 2023, Quince is a destination restaurant that feels like you’ve gone on vacation without ever leaving your hometown. It’s the first outpost of the original restaurant in historic San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where the rooftop patio and unique cuisine have been wowing diners for over seven years. 

Rooftop Ventures CEO Brian Sneed spoke with us about the dining experience he hopes every guest has at Quince. “It’s a positive vibe. The staff is having fun, and the customers are having fun. I want them walking out of the restaurant talking about the food, the music, the ambiance, the whole experience. Sometimes destination restaurants get lazy about their product. Well, we have a great location, but we aren’t going to be lazy,” he says. 

It’s hard to know where to start when describing what makes this dining establishment so special—so we’ll start with the location. Quince Riverside probably has some of the best views in Fort Worth. Brian is a huge fan of sunsets, but as any Texan knows, dining spots that face west, especially in the summer, can be less than desirable. “It was tough to find a location. We were looking for views and the ability to have a comfortable terrace. With the cool breeze off the river, that building has shade from about 1 p.m. on, the high-speed misters, and the Equinox roof patio covering that allows cool air to come in, it’s super comfy, even on the hottest day of the year. That’s pretty rare,” says Sneed.

But you can’t dine out on views alone. Brian is a huge foodie, and while he and Executive Chef Gonzalo Martinez were developing the menu, they took the culinary team, including the sous chef and the pastry chef, to various locations like his hometown of New Orleans, Lima, Peru, New York City, and other places. “Every three months we visited a different city to explore the cuisine. We’d visit both dives and high-quality spots, which is how we came up with such a diverse menu,” he says. 

When I asked him about the menu, he had one phrase—crave-worthy. “It has to be so good people want it again tomorrow. We don’t want guests to try another place because they’re bored with the menu.” 

For starters, the Lamb “Barbacoa” Dumplings, the Ceviche, and the Char-Grilled Octopus are already favorites, and people especially love the sushi at Quince. Each roll will surprise you, as it’s unlike traditional sushi offerings. Inspired by Peruvian, Cajun, and Mexican cuisine, favorites include the Peruvian Nikkei Sashimi and the Spicy Double Tuna Roll. There’s even a roll named after Brian’s daughter, the Emaki Roll, with tuna loin, asparagus and guacamole, spicy aioli, and topped with cubed tuna and caramelized ginger that gives it a crunch. 

For entrees, the Beef Filet over Yellow Aji Pepper Risotto, served with an au jus reduction, summer favorite Panko Crusted Chilean Sea Bass, served with Ginger and Lemongrass Bomba Rice, the Braised Short Ribs over Smooth Hummus and Brian’s Burger, an American-style sirloin beef burger served with sharp cheddar and pimento cheese are all highly recommended.  

Pair your dining selection with a mixologist-created cocktail like the Horned Frog Mojito, the Cucumber Saketini, or the Quince Carajillo. There’s a wine list, local beers like Peticolas’ Velvet Hammer, and a Bloody Mary perfect for brunch. 

Now that you have stunning views and excellent food, the last part of the equation is the service and ambiance. Quince prides itself on its waitstaff. “Our waiters will interact with the customers. They’re not just there as servers; it’s almost like friends serving friends. When I hear customers raving about the service, I know the people are doing what we taught them to do, which feels good. ” says Sneed.  

There’s always good music playing in the restaurant. It’s taken the team years to find the perfect balance, but they’ve figured it out. “There’s a happy point and then there’s a point where you can’t have a conversation. We had a DJ on a Saturday night, and while there may have been a moment where it got a bit too loud, it’s a better trade-off than being too quiet. Given the positive vibe and energy we’ve created, that rarely happens,” says Sneed. 

The Quince Riverside location serves lunch and dinner, and a brunch menu is available from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. on the weekends. Make a reservation by visiting the website at  quincemas.com/fw, parties of 9 and up call, 682.385.9073.

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