Foundational Feng Shui

Balance your home and your life with this ancient practice.

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that brings harmony, vitality, and life-enhancing energy into our space. We can tap into increased health and success by optimizing and balancing the chi (life force energy) that enters and exits our homes. We spoke with Decatur-based realtor turned Feng Shui expert Adrienne Thatcher for recommendations to implement this technique into our spaces in the new year.

Our homes support us in all aspects of our lives. The keywords for creating a Feng Shui home are declutter, repair, and enhance. Every person has a personalized trigram chart, which you can delve into with a one-on-one session, but there are general areas we all need to pay special attention to. 

It’s best to start with the front entry, where the life force enters to welcome positivity into our lives. Every front door should feature a nice welcome mat in good condition, a clear pathway, and live plants. As always, first impressions matter! Next, Adrienne recommends tackling the center of your home, “the health area,” which connects all other parts of the house. Step into this space and see how you feel. Does it feel light, clean, and inspiring? If not, look for ways you can make it so. Ensure all lightbulbs are in working order, remove items you do not use or need, and maybe even enhance the space with a citrine crystal.

If this feels overwhelming, start small with one drawer or one room. You can also bring in an expert for a custom reading and analysis. Adrienne performs specific calculations to address your unique home and life priorities. She utilizes the five elements of Chinese medicine to balance your home’s nine distinct areas.

Your home is always speaking to you. By incorporating a Feng Shui eye, you will enhance your ability to listen to it. As your home’s energy shifts, so will yours, and all for the better.

“Feng Shui is acupuncture for your home.”

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