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Providence Veterinary Clinic is a trusted name in Cobb

Dr. Taylour Welborn gets her love for medicine and for animals honestly. The Milton, Georgia native was brought up in a household with plenty of pets, plus a father who worked as a surgeon. “My dad was a human doctor, a neurosurgeon,” she says. “I saw how he impacted everyone in the community’s lives — how people would come up and thank him in the grocery store. From an early age, I knew I wanted to do something in medicine and combine it with my love for animals.”

Sure enough, her first clinical position after college solidified her career path. Dr. Welborn dove head-first into veterinary medicine, and when the time came to open her practice — a longtime personal dream—she was fortunate to work out a deal with Dr. Sue Trinh, who had decided to retire. Some of the previous staff stayed on board, including Dr. Caroline Horne, and the resulting practice is a combination of veterinarians and vet assistants who care deeply about the well-being of our four-legged family members. 

“I love working at Providence because of the people who work here, the clients that come here and because we have the best patients,” Dr. Horne comments. “I became a veterinarian because I loved animals as a young child, but over the years of practicing, I appreciate the relationships with both the owners and the pets equally, which develop over the years.”

“My stellar team is part of the reason I look forward to work every day, and I couldn’t do what I do without them,” adds Dr. Haley McNulty. “I have the best mentors who work together in helping with challenging cases, especially with me being a newer veterinarian.”

Providence went through some aesthetic changes after Dr. Welborn purchased the clinic. Opening the space, brightening it up and making it a welcoming place for dogs, cats and humans was the goal. Fortunately, Dr. Welborn's sister, Ashton Wilson, is a gifted interior designer with an eye for detail. 

“Renovations were about a six or eight month process,” says Dr. Welborn. “We added an exam room, so we have four now. We redid the floors and ceilings and lights; we wanted it to be pleasing and relaxing. My sister picked everything because I trust her taste!”

“This clinic embraces the power of light and color to enhance its overall ambiance,” adds Wilson. “By utilizing one of my favorite whites, ‘Alabaster’ by Sherwin Williams, the walls and ceilings are now bathed in a luminous glow, giving the illusion of more space. Thoughtful floor plan reconfigurations, updated materials and carefully chosen furniture pieces round out the complete design transformation. The finished result is a refined environment that effortlessly balances functionality and aesthetic appeal.” 

A typical day at Providence is busy, with cats and dogs getting check-ups and surgeries and the four doctors trading off who does what each day. In the exam rooms, animals are seen every half-hour for checkups. Meanwhile, in the surgery rooms, animals may be getting spayed or neutered, having c-sections or having emergency surgeries, according to Dr. Welborn, who admits she prefers those days in surgery—perhaps inspired by her father’s profession. “I’d rather do surgeries,” she shares, smiling. “It sounds unusual, but surgeries are rewarding.”

“Our clients have such a unique bond with their family pets, and they take care of their fur babies so well,” adds Dr. Blakelee Price. “Their loving nature only further drives our passion for veterinary medicine.”

To learn more, visit providenceveterinary.com. 


"From an early age, I knew I wanted to do something in medicine and combine it with my love for animals.”

-Dr. Taylour Welborn

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