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Fr3deR1cK Taylor

#SoFu's Own in His Own Words

How often do we listen to our fathers, the guys who make us mow the lawn, and are they right?

My dad, a professor and jazz musician from Albany, Georgia, took a job at GSU and landed in #SoFu where he hatched his plan to get me to the A. He said, “Where the music industry goes, the film and television industry soon follow.”

And in the 90s in #SoFu, the music industry was bumpin’.

I was an aspiring filmmaker. I arrived in #SoFu to attend grad school and feeling determined to make it in the film business. My film clients came from #SoFu—OutKast and Speech, plus DJ Smurf and Raheem the Dream. I worked one of my first big jobs as a cameraman on OutKast’s first video with F. Gary Gray, “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.” 

Dare I say it? #SoFu created the Atlanta entertainment industry. I challenge anyone to say otherwise. Bring it! I’ll fight you in the parking lot! The #SoFu vibe carried me to an MTV music video nomination, an Emmy, and numerous awards. To this day, I work with DJ Smurf’s nephew, David Crooms, at their #SoFu studio.

#SoFu launched my award-winning company, Tomorrow Pictures, and the careers of many South Fulton kids who have worked with us over the years.

My film mentors, super production expert Bolagi Bailey and location whiz Al Cooper, are from South Fulton. Their AJC cover article in 1989 marks the beginning of the movement, and I idolized them before they knew me.

I enjoy working with up-and-comers and amazing #SoFu-based talent. #SoFu continues to grow by leaps and bounds on the investments of Tyler Perry, Netflix, and others.

Thanks Dad. You knew what you were talking about, but don’t get it twisted. I always hated cutting the grass.