Fragrant Fall Gifts

Locally Sourced, Fall Inspired Gift Ideas for any Occasion

We all have that one friend who’s a master gift giver. They seem to know what we want, what we need, and in what color or style before we even do. They pay attention and are committed to finding the perfect gift at the perfect time and anticipate the perfect person opening it, wide-eyed, grinning from ear to ear. Fall is the season of scents, and Olfactory Scientists say it’s so. As the air gets drier and cooler, specific scents are more intense compared to the warmer months. Turns out, the perfect gift for this time of year might be just that, the scents of the season. Before the Christmas gift lists grow, there’s the hostess gift you’ll need for Thanksgiving and that housewarming gift you’ve been meaning to send. In this season of giving, we could all use tips on mastering the class of gift giving and Heather Reichenberger is just the person to inspire us. As a local resident to Waconia and Realtor for RE/MAX Results, she’s no stranger to people’s wants and needs. Heather is a local gift giver by nature and the glow of giving radiates from her. This season let Heather, and your sense of smell, do the gifting. After all, gift lists are best created by the light of a pumpkin-scented candle.

Winnie Lu 

Woodfire Candle in Mulled Cider ($12.00) For a cozy by-the-fireplace feel, burn this soy wax candle with a crackling wick. This fall-in-a-cup scent burns for approximately 25 hours, perfect for the sweater-wearing reader in your life.

Old Fashioned Cocktail Infusion Kit ($22.00) Add your spirit of choice to this autumnal mixture of dried oranges, cherries, and blackberries. Your game night guru friend can infuse this two times, making 8-16 cocktails to share…or not.

Laketown Home and Garden

24 W. 1st Street, Waconia

Thymes Vanilla Blanc Hand Wash ($15.00) Thymes Luxurious Bath Soap ($13.00) Delectably comforting, let this creamy scent “take you away” a la Calgon. Gift these to the relative who has everything. Who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly baked cupcake?

Red Barn Honey Bees Pure Raw Honey ($18.99) Oh Honey Honey Jar ($19.99) This woody, floral-smelling treat comes from a locally grown apiary so there’s no doubt gifting it will sweeten your friendship and their tea. Wrap it up for your bestie and Honey, don’t forget to include a cute jar for display.

Whole Wheat Beer Bread Mix ($9.95) Spreader Set ($12.99) A universally loved smell, baking bread is like breathing in a toasty blanket on a cold day. Your baking buddy, or anyone who loves the gift of an experience, will take pleasure in having warm butter and charming spreader set at the ready.

Clark Machtemes Local Maple Syrup ($10.00) Whisk ($14.00) Pancakes vs. Waffles: who’s the real winner? The answer is both with this jar filled with gooey, aromatic brown sweetness. Combined with the whisk, almost too pretty to use, brunch kings and queens can mix their best batter, then pour on this delicious finishing touch.

Cider Spice Mix ($6.95) Schram Marquette Wine ($36.00) - After you’ve exhausted all the pumpkin spice, share fall’s second love, apple. Mix the pouch with water and spirits or add to the festive fun with wine from one of your favorite vineyards.      

White Birch House

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Illume Cassia Clove Candle ($27.00) This luxury soy Cassia Clove candle complements any dinner party or room with its cinnamon-like scented Cassia leaves, nutmeg, and other spices.

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