Franchise, Anyone?

When You're Ready To Start Your Own Business, Kevin Doyle Will Serve You The Right Opportunity.

Article by Don Seaman

Photography by John Agnello

Originally published in Wayne Lifestyle

Sometimes it feels as if life is like a tennis match. You feel like there’s always something flying at you when all you can do is take a blind swing and hope that you can fend it off until you need to do it again. When you’re planning your career, you might feel as if you have little time to plan and all you can do is react. To do it right, you might want to find a coach who knows all about that. 

For that, you can turn to Kevin Doyle. 

Kevin is the owner of Strategic Franchise Consultants, a company he founded to help people realize their dreams and take control of their lives. He’s essentially a business matchmaker. Kevin actually calls it an “eHarmony for business.”

“I work with over 500 franchises, so I can find a business for anyone, based on their skillset and their budget — and their dreams,” explains Kevin.”I’m really just looking for someone who’s looking to make a change in their career and their lifestyle. And I’m free to them. My service is paid by the franchises.”

Can you find your own franchise to go into business with? Sure. The research on that alone will probably set you back about two years, and it might not be the thing that you hoped it would be in the long run. Kevin can cut that down to about two weeks of researching the right fit for you, with a keen eye for what would suit you best. “I make sure you’re not trying to put a square peg into a round hole. There are some horror stories that I’ve seen where people go into a franchise that they have no business being in. We help people avoid that.”

His approach requires quite a bit of give and take back and forth to learn about people and takes a lot of factors into account. If it sounds a bit like tennis, that’s not a coincidence. Not only is that a big networking tool for him, it’s also one of his passions.

Kevin didn’t come into this with his own future laid out. He was a CPA, but he’s wired to be a people person. So in doing his own pathfinding, he discovered that what he was really interested in was helping people. After working with a business broker, he found his calling and it wasn’t “bean counting.” He got out from behind his desk and started working with people to help them discover their own path.

This former Marine doesn’t sit still for long. Most days, you’ll find him participating in local history events or yes, playing a ton of tennis at the Wayne Racquet Club. 

Maybe that might be a good bridge between his franchise business and his passion. If you’re game, he’ll set you up with a good match. Franchise, anyone?

(Find out more about what Kevin does at, or give him a call at 973-303-6112)

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