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Free Resources To Help Others

Connecting Nonprofits, Community Residents, Businesses And Agencies By Providing Free Or Low-Cost Referrals

When tragedy strikes or difficult times hit hard, people often do not know where to turn for help. L.I.F.T. R&R helps serve and comfort people in need while connecting them with local nonprofit organizations and resources.

In 2014, Rolanda Macharia’s husband of 19 years tragically died in a house fire. Everything Macharia and her family had was gone. With five children, Macharia had to flip to “go-mode” and plan a funeral, fill out and file mounds of paperwork, and find a place to live. She recalls being unable to find time to grieve and her 15-year-old daughter was struggling. Upon searching for resources to help her daughter and herself cope with their tragic loss, she found resources were not easy to find. Eventually, she found GriefShare for herself and Christian works at Camp Erin for her daughter, both of which were life-impacting and healing for their souls.

“I thought to myself there was no reason why people shouldn’t know about these types of resources,” Rolanda remembers. “What if we could reach people and help them find healing, too.”

In 2015, Rolanda launched LIFT, an outreach ministry at her church to help those grieving and in need. In 2019, L.I.F.T. R&R (Laboring In The Field Together Resources And Referrals) was founded as a nonprofit to offer expanded services to connect all available resources. The program’s mission is to provide resources and referrals to help make lives easier for those who are physically or emotionally struggling. L.I.F.T. R&R partners with other nonprofit organizations, community partners, and state and local institutions that are offering resources to help others. Referral services are free. The program helps ensure visibility to nonprofit organizations with exposure across four social media platforms at no charge.

Each year, the program gives out an unrestrictive $500 grant to two of its nonprofit organization partners.

While Collin County is one of the wealthiest areas in Texas, community leaders indicate there are people seriously struggling. L.I.F.T. R&R hosts several events during the year, bringing resources to the community while collaborating and partnering with other nonprofit organizations.

“The process from point A to point B is long, so how can we help bridge that time,” Rolanda poses. “Do we walk away, or do we ask ourselves how can we help? What can we do?”

Throughout the year L.I.F.T. R&R collects new and gently used furniture, household decor and clothing. These items are then given to families in need at Another Man’s Treasure, an event held on McKinney’s Make A difference day. More than a dozen nonprofit organizations come and share their services with these families.

L.I.F.T. R&R serves as a Toys for Tots distributor. In 2022, 400-plus Collin County children will benefit from the Toys for Tots distribution, helping them experience the joyous time of Christmas.

Caring for the local elderly is an important mission. L.I.F.T. R&R supporters distribute free essential supply care kits to senior citizens at McKinney’s North Park Nursing Home in the spring and Christmas. These kits help provide dignity at no cost to the residents. Christmas distribution also includes a Christmas gift and goodies.

Rolanda says helping people is part of her DNA. Her life’s mantra can be summed up with a line from Jana Stanfield:  “I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.”

L.I.F.T. R&R receives its funding through donations, corporate matching and grants. Volunteers are needed in person and virtually to help at events and event prep days.