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Free-Spirited Style

Bella Chic Salon and Buffalo Black Boutique offer a refreshing take on beauty and fashion.

Bella Chic Salon owner Haley Gullette began her career in 2015 and has continued to grow her styling repertoire ever since. When she acquired 20-year Mason mainstay Bella Chic in 2019, she dove right in as master stylist and owner. Embarking on a full salon renovation in 2020 was a huge undertaking, but Haley embraced change and has a blossoming business to show for it. 

“I knew that if the space next door became available I wanted to open a boutique because I’ve always loved clothes and style,” shares Haley. The resulting expansion created a luxe space for cosmetic services and the free-spirited, western-inspired Buffalo Black Boutique.  

Image 1 

Haley: Aztec Jumpsuit, $52, Rainbow Clay Handmade Earrings, $14. 

Image 2 

Moriah: Star Print Twill Bell Bottom, $48, Passion Booties, $160, Gold Marble Stone Earrings, $14. 

Image 3 

Lilly: High Rise Bridgette Flare, $64, Solid Knitted Bodysuit, $38, Bandana (worn as a belt), $8 and Gilded Cowboy Leather Crossbody, $99

Image 4 

Lilly (left), Madison (right): Washed Denim Overalls, $57, Custom Hats, $60, Waffle-Knit Princess Crop, $37. 

Image 5: About the Boutique

Buffalo Black Boutique at Bella Chic Salon offers clients a one-stop shop – hair, makeup, clothes and accessories. With new pieces arriving weekly and playful features like a custom hat bar with bandanas, leather, feathers and more, shoppers can easily complete their style refresh.

Image 6: 

Moriah: Custom Hat, $60. 

Image 7: 

Lilly: High Rise Bridgette Flare, $64, Solid Knitted Bodysuit, $38, Bandana (worn as a belt), $8, Gilded Cowboy Leather Crossbody, $99

Image 8: 

Lilly (left), Skylar Black Tennis Shoes, $49. Madison (right), Chantel Black High Tops, $69. 

Image 9 

Haley (left), Crochet Babydoll Top, $49. Lilly (right), Love Knit Tank, $30, High Rise Bridgette Flare, $64. 

About Bella Chic

Bella Chic Salon offers a full range of hair services and most stylists are also certified in hidden bead and sewn-in hair extension techniques. If you have a homecoming dance or wedding coming up, Bella Chic artists and technicians provide a variety of cosmetic services – from bridal and formal makeup to brow tinting, microblading and lash extensions. 

Bella Chic Salon/Buffalo Black Boutique 

5948 Snider Road, Suite C, Mason

513.398.3332 |;