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Free Virtual Yoga + Meditation Classes


Article by Hayley Hyer

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One main thing that unites people is what we turn to when we are stressed and need to unwind—we all binge our favorite shows! We get to be comfy, tune out of our own worlds and get sucked into another reality, and we get to eat snacks while we do it. It's truly wonderful.

However, there are times where too much TV makes us feel worse, and we need to stretch our bodies, get our blood flowing and find a different way to clear our minds.

Yoga and meditation are amazing because they help us de-stress in the moment, and they provide tons of long-term health benefits for our minds and bodies as well.

If you'd like to try some free yoga and meditation classes from the comfort and safety of your living room, here are two great resources to get you started.


How to Add Meditation to Your Routine

You Don't Need to Be Flexible to Do Yoga

Power Life LIVE

Power Life is a yoga studio that is currently live-streaming all of its classes for free! You can go back through previous classes to see what interests you, or you can jump in with a live stream and keep up with the new classes each day to stay on a schedule.

Recommended Classes to Try

To keep up with the daily streaming schedule, follow Power Life on Instagram @wearepowerlife

Yoga Download

Yoga Download was way ahead of the game and has made it so easy to find the exact type of yoga or meditation class you want to take. While most of its classes require a subscription, it also has regular livestreams on Facebook for free. With Yoga Download, you an experience a wide range of yoga instructors from all different places and studios.

Check out the next scheduled livestream on Facebook and jump in!

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