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French-Inspired, Fresh Cuts and Friendship: A Snippet of Blank Barber’s Story

Snipping their scissors in the heart of Cherry Creek, it’s a wonder how something as simple as the love of a haircut could bring the vision of Blank Barbers to life. A few surprising plot twists, two distinctly different characters, and two significantly different cities, the serendipity that surrounds this shop is a story woven with history, culture, and community.

A young boy in Paris, Blank Barbers founder Zackary Jarmon, was born into the world of fashion. Luxurious fabrics, managing a massive inventory, and greeting guests as a twelve- year-old adorned in a suit are the memories of his childhood. His parents owned and operated the world-renowned Tara Jarmon, a women’s boutique that originated in France. Following in the footsteps of his parents, Jarmon would eventually take over the family business.

Unexpectedly, his parents decided to sell the business upon his return from studying abroad in America, relieving him of the once predicted future. Longing for the American lifestyle, Jarmon and his new wife saw an article about Boulder being the “happiest place in the States to live” and were sold. They’d move, raise their newborn daughter, and Jarmon would hit the pause button on his career path to be a dad.

He’d also escape to the barbershop.

Anthony Lavdanski’s barbershop in Boulder, Truman Barber Co, had the perfect vibe. With a passion for the old school craft, Jarmon was enthralled by the blades, the people, and the atmosphere that this specific shop had. He’d visit the shop weekly, intriguing, or rather perplexing, Lavdanski in the process. A dark-featured, “businessman from Paris” with a big Newfoundland dog, he wasn’t exactly your average Boulder customer. After a while, Lavdanski realized he wasn’t just coming for a haircut, but for more for friendship and community. Simultaneously, Truman’s was getting busier and Lavdanski needed a shop hand immediately. To his surprise, Jarmon was the first to respond to the job opening Instagram post.

Lavdanski was still rather skeptical, and quite honestly, doubted Jarmon’s desire for an unglamorous position. Jarmon was insistent that he was the man for the job. Sure enough, he blew Lavdanski away with his work ethic, diligence, and charming persona, quickly becoming a part of the barbershop family.

Eventually, the time came for Jarmon to open a barbershop in Denver. As he drove around Cherry Creek, Jarmon was reminded of where his father lives in Paris. In many ways, it felt like home. Well-manicured, fancy storefronts, sidewalks full of people, and to their surprise no barbershop, yet. Cherry Creek was fertile ground for his concept - Blank Barber.

Inspired by the French cafes and bistros that are scattered all over Paris, Jarmon adored the encouraged diversity of these beloved and bustling community hubs. He’s always loved immersing himself with people from all walks of life. With this in mind, he saw Blank Barber as a literal blank slate for anyone to feel welcome, everyone to feel celebrated, and for every single client to know they are a part of the community.

From the extensive care and consideration they provide their barbers to their high-quality cuts, Blank Barber is raising the bar for excellence with their innovative and community-oriented mindset. It’s about more than just a new do, it’s about creating connection in community with style. And while Lavdanski tends to trim in Boulder, every now and then you’ll find him behind a chair in Denver. He’s a jazz musician from the East coast who toured the world for ten years, playing in front of thousands of people hundreds of times a year only to realize he needed something more grounding. Ask him to share some of his stories. Just like your haircut, you won’t be disappointed.