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French Pastries with a Denver Twist

Cherry Creek's Very Own La Fillette Bakery

Having always had an interest in culinary arts and working in the food service industry, Keturah Fleming-Hall knew that she was meant to make a difference in what Denver has known to be its best resource to delicious sustenance.

Rather than choosing to provide a typical dining experience that falls under the umbrella of gueridon service, Keturah chose to bestow upon Denver one of the French’s most favored cuisine—introducing them to a variation of pastries. Chef-owner of La Fillette bakery in the Cherry Creek neighborhood, Keturah, her husband, Joshua, and their team have made a name for themselves when it comes to the most sought out croissants in the neighborhood. Their shining star, La Fillette’s croissants, are made to the likes of any true authentic Parisian confection.

With the intention of setting themselves apart from other bakeries and pastry-serving restaurants in Denver, Keturah and her team aim to bake their classic French pastries with a modern twist. “From the dough we use to how we cook the butter, all the way to how we do our process of lamination, you can tell that our croissants are a true passion for us,” Keturah says. “Now that we have established our croissants, we are factoring in other types of pastries into La Fillette. We’re really wanting to keep things fresh and have not only our regulars keep coming back to us, but to also be able to attract and welcome in some new faces.”