Fresh Flowers Meet Delectable Treats

A Passion for Baking and Service Leads to a Cottage Bakery Business

Article by Laura SanchezQuan

Photography by Shannon Raske

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

Growing up in Katy, Texas with a single mom and two little sisters, Courtney Nguyen first found her entrepreneurial spirit as a teenager. Born out of the love for her family and a drive to help when her mom was diagnosed with cancer, Courtney started tutoring other students after school. Through all of her mother's treatments Courtney remembers how strong her mom was,  “To this day when I am tired or feeling down on myself I can look back on those memories'' Courtney says, ‘and use them as fuel to continue relentlessly pursuing my dreams.”

In the season after graduation from Baylor University, Courtney realized her passions didn’t align with her degree. Spinning her wheels in what felt like an endless job hunt, she started spending her free time baking and perfecting recipes. She gave hundreds of samples of her baked creations to friends and family. After their glowing (yet somewhat unexpected) reviews–alongside a Facebook post that gained momentum so fast she started booking weddings–The Flour Petal Bakery was born. 

The Flour Petal Bakery is focused on offering the most delicious, moist, flavorful, but not overly sweet cakes. Courtney expertly takes her love for baked goods and thoughtfully adorns them with fresh flowers. “Watching my mom pour hours of love and hard work into each family meal after a long day at her job inspires me to give my heart to everything that comes out of our kitchen. Every baked item that leaves my hands has a piece of my heart in it.”

The success of The Flour Petal Bakery has been built on the concept of community over competition. Courtney belongs to a community of fellow bakers (which she says is lovingly known as the Cypress Bakers Network) supporting each other, sending referrals, sharing tips, and at times, lending a helping hand. “We truly believe that a win for any small business/cottage baker is a win for us all,” says Courtney.

A fun and exciting new avenue for Courtney and The Flour Petal Bakery is offering classes on how to make your own delicious, beautiful cakes. Business is growing with events all over Texas, and Courtney hopes to one day have a storefront.

To this day, Courtney’s inspiration and motivation continues to be her family. She’s thankful her mom has been in remission since 2016. And her sisters; Angelyna (17) helps with the managerial side of the business and Caitlyne (19) is currently attending Baylor University. “I like to think that I've made a positive impact on my sisters," says Courtney, “ I often joke that I do not want any more children because I already raised two, but truthfully these young ladies mean the world to me and I would do it all over again!”


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