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Article by Erica Hernandez

Photography by Josh Olalde

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

Diana Fraser always tried to eat organic—even before it was cool. 

More than 30 years ago she started eating organic foods as a way to help heal her infant son from an ear infection. It worked. After he recovered, Diana kept making fresh carrot and green juices for all three of her children in the mornings to help them start their day.  

So in June 2018 when her daughter sent her a text message about opening her own organic juicery, Diana quickly fell in love. 

“I love talking about organic. Love talking about health,” she says. “I love sharing it with the community.” 

Diana’s juice franchise, Clean Juice, operates on a simple concept: organic is better. The Vintage Park juicery offers only certified organic juices, smoothies, toasts and bowls loaded with nutrient-packed foods such as quinoa and goji berries. 

The company believes organic produce is more nutritious and safer to eat because it's not exposed to synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. One Clean Juice signature offering is the cold-pressed juice cleanse. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are pressed daily and bottled in-house. Pressing the raw produce when it’s cold, helps keep the most possible nutrients in the final juice as possible. Each bottled cleanse has its own unique color and name. The Red combines pressed apples, beets, carrots and lemon juices. The Green mixes apple, cucumber, kale, mint and spinach. The cleanses can be as short as one day or five days, but are so popular Diana says it’s hard to keep them stocked. 

Diana opened Clean Juice less than a year ago in June of 2018, but since then she’s already seen the impact her healthy offerings can have on her customers. She often gets customers with digestive ailments who are looking for nutritious, easy-to-process food. Because of their simple, organic ingredients, the shop’s smoothies and juices are tolerable by people with Crohn’s Disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Diana even had one customer who’d recently had bariatric surgery and could still stomach Clean Juice drinks. 

“My personal mission with the store is to provide a healthy alternative,” Diana says. “And a healthy product to the community just to see the benefits that it produces in a person.” 

Diana’s love for healthy living extends beyond just juice. She teaches aerial yoga with a group called Clean Camp Elev8URLIFE and raises money for multiple sclerosis by biking across Texas. She also owns a lifeguard management company that services more than 100 area pools. She hosts nutrition workshops and encourages people to stay fit. 

"We are so much what we eat," she says. "People don't realize that."

Diana likes to keep her store as clean as each of her juices. Inside is bright and minimalist.  Fresh fruits and veggies are displayed neatly behind the counter where they are used for individual drinks. The entire store smells like sweet herbs and fresh fruit. 

The new year also brings changes for the new store. Clean Juice now offers catering. Customers can also order smoothies or cleanses delivered to their location using Uber Eats or Doordash. 

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