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five ways to upgrade the design of your home

1- Welcoming change, your entryway greets you and your guests. Freshen up your entrance by adding a fresh coat of paint or changing the color. Also, adding a doormat can change how we look at this space. First impressions are essential!

2- Eliminate tired artificial florals because there is nothing that dates a home more. I love bringing anything natural or green inside, for example, pussy willow, driftwood, dried hydrangeas, and maidenhair fern (my favorite). Bright colors and the freshness of flowers and plants can add a splash of positivity to your life.

 3- Throw pillows are the easiest way to freshen your decor and introduce modern style into your living space. A simple way to start is picking an odd number of pillows with a unifying aspect, like a color or a theme. Mixing patterns is fun, but try mixing textures instead if it’s not your thing.

4- Lighting can impact and improve all things within your house. You can quickly and effectively change your design style by switching out a light fixture or two to reflect a new trend that you love. Adding a more contemporary floor lamp will instantly refresh a room with older furniture.

5- The kitchen has long been the heart of the home. It may not be time for a major renovation, but a change in the cabinetry hardware could give you a much-needed update. You can mix knobs and pulls to create visual interest and make sure they are comfortable for you to use. Functional pieces are always essential in the design world.

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