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Fresh Times For House Plants

Looking For Some Instant Indoor Design Gratification? Just Go To The Green Side of Life

With its warmer weather and Mother’s Day celebrations, May has us thinking about different ways to freshen our indoor spaces.

Interior designer Christine Rapert of HouseHome says one of the easiest makeovers for any space is to add some green.

“Use of plants is one of the few design elements that have very few rules, if any,” Christine says. “They are extremely versatile and can be placed virtually anywhere, adding appeal and definition to any space.”

Have a dead spot in your room and can’t find the right décor option? Fill it with a plant, Christine says.

“And one unusual place that escapes people’s minds is the fireplace. In the summer, when you are not burning wood, plants can easily be placed inside for extra pop of greenery,” she says.

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Bright Idea

Air plants can easily replace wall art, either as an individual or in a grouping. If you do not have a green thumb, these are the plants for you, for they require little to no care. 

Bright Idea

Planting succulents and flowers in coffee mugs, bowls, vases, vintage pitchers, etc., adds interest to a space while giving it more variety, depth, and texture.