Freshly Baked Inspiration

Mason student Ahan Prasad turned his pandemic hobby into baking for the community.

Mason Middle School student Ahan Prasad occasionally baked cakes before the pandemic. However, as an active tennis player and third degree black belt, he gravitated toward physical activities. It was after watching various cooking and baking shows during quarantine that he discovered a new passion for culinary arts. 

“I really enjoyed it and began baking for my friends and family,” Ahan explains. “They liked it and a few of them suggested that I start selling.”

After receiving further encouragement from his parents, he decided to start his own business: Baking with Notjeffrey - AHAN (Notjeffrey is a nickname among friends). 

“At the age of 13 I never imagined that cooking could be so fun,” he proclaims on his business Facebook page. 

Willing to try most recipes, Ahan learned a lot very quickly. 

“I like to challenge myself with different kinds of recipes,” Ahan shares.

He was surprised how fast his business picked up and decided to do something special with the money he was earning. 

“I wanted to help people with my earnings so I got in touch with my principal (Lauren Gentene). She gave me a list of organizations to donate to,” Ahan elaborates. 

He decided to donate 10% of his earnings to the Mason Schools Foundation. After his donation, President of Mason Schools Foundation, Nathalie Neuburger, stopped by his house to personally present him with an appreciation card for his donation.

Ahan’s favorite cake flavor is chocolate, but that’s far from the only type he offers. His most popular cake flavors are mango, pineapple, tiramisu, vanilla and cheesecake. Ahan’s cake designs often feature expressive and intricate accents, including fresh florals and fruit.

As for upcoming baking plans, Ahan has a couple of personal goals: “I heard that croissants are hard to make so I’d like to try to make those. I’d also like to make different types of bread and European desserts.” 

Baking with Notjeffrey - AHAN


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