Friends of Folsom: Putting the “FUN” in Fundraising

Get Involved in the 14th Annual Turkey Drive and More with Their “Framily”

Local volunteer-based organization Friends of Folsom is a community of philanthropic-hearted individuals that dedicates countless hours, energy, and resources to give to families in need every year. Friends of Folsom relies 100% on donations and volunteers and feels blessed to have massive support from wonderfully generous and giving community members. With the participation of small businesses, individuals, friends, and family that all make up what they call their “Framily” (Friends + Family), the organization was able to feed over 10,000 families this past year for Thanksgiving and has fed over 80,000 families since their inception. Their 14th Annual Friends of Folsom Turkey Drive will take place on Saturday, November 4th, 2023, and will include a party, raffle, and auction to support the needs of community members in need. The location will be determined and featured on their website prior to the event.

Friends of Folsom has been able to fund and support numerous causes, dozens of local charities, and hundreds of community action items since its inception. They have also adopted hundreds of children for Christmas, giving kids the opportunity to feel joy and compassion during the holiday season. A goal of the Friends of Folsom is to continue the commitment with their unique Framily in the upcoming years, while they help families and individuals gain relief, independence, self-reliance, and most of all hope. Their organization provides support, financial aid, food, clothing, and rescue to thousands, and the growth, reach, and impact of their organization has been entirely organic. The Friends of Folsom attribute their growth as stemming through their “uncommon culture”, which is their mindset of focusing on the way it should feel when doing their charity work, rather than developing a specific way to do the work. It is their hope that other like-minded, service-oriented individuals will join their causes and continue to be the heartbeat of their organization. They are an unorthodox group and like to say they put the “Fun” in FUNdraising, as they have created a culture where it’s fun to participate in charitable work for local children and families.

Friends of Folsom has ambitious goals and a bright outlook for 2023, while understanding their ability to help others is dependent on their growth in terms of volunteers and donations. Each year, the amount the organization has been able to donate has grown due to more people and businesses taking part in the causes they champion, and it is their hope that this trajectory will continue. The words “every little bit helps” have never been so evident throughout the past few years, and the needs this organization fills have grown, with the ability to fill the needs becoming steadily tougher. It takes a village and if you’d like to be a part of this charitable organization, there are many ways to get involved. To learn about volunteer opportunities and to join their Framily, there is a link on their website to make a completely tax-deductible charitable donation, as well as the option of becoming a recurring contributor.  www.friendsoffolsom.org 

The organization was able to feed over 10,000 families this past year for Thanksgiving and has fed over 80,000 families since their inception. 

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