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The Inspiration for allister

How the "Customer-Backwards" Approach Revolutionized MI's Neighborhood Restaurant

The Inspiration for allister: How the "Customer-Backwards" Approach Revolutionized MI's Neighborhood Restaurant

 With a background in tech, Sara Seumae McAllister brings the approach to software development into allister, where she embraces the philosophy behind "working backwards from customers”. Understanding "Working from the Customer Backwards".

Sara believes everything begins with the customer.

This approach is an inversion of the traditional business model. Instead of starting with an idea and then pushing it onto customers, you begin with a clear vision of a delighted customer and work backwards to make it a reality.

How This Approach Molds allister

1. Crafting the Ideal Customer Experience: Sara pictures a cozy evening where neighbors bump into each other, share laughter, exchange stories, and relish delicious food. She is making a total redesign with adds like, a circular bar and year-round outdoor dining space where customers feel at home.

2. The Menu: Sara is working towards filling a void that is not already being met when it comes to food offerings. With customer feedback, allister will have a menu that resonates with Mercer Island’s tastes.

3. Building Community Ties: By incorporating elements that encourage interaction and bonding, allister is not just serving food and cocktails; they'll be nurturing connections.

4. Feedback Loops: Sara believes in constant evolution and continuous improvement. One of her first priorities was to read the OpenTable reviews for the predecessor restaurant to identify opportunities for improvement.  She's looking forward to chatting with guests and digging deeper into the data. Don't be surprised if she stops by your table and asks "if you are enjoying your food!"

The Bigger Picture

In the end, the "customer-backwards" approach is more than just a business strategy. It's a philosophy that places people at its core. As allister opens its doors, Sara hopes to create not just a dining destination, but a home for the community.

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