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Cool off and set sail to the destination of your dreams (No planning required)

Simply walking outside during this time of year is a daily struggle that usually leads to sweat and limited time spent outdoors. Instead of opening your front door to the beating sun and dying grass, book a trip with cruise-specialist travel advisor Kevin Holder to open doors to view endless blue seas, breathtaking mountain ranges and cliffs, massive alpine glaciers, or anything your heart desires. Whether seeking an adventure surrounded by dense vegetation, a soul-fulfilling trek to the top of a mountain, or a relaxing cruise from island to island, Holder’s expertise in travel is sure to satisfy your appetite for exploration, and the options are limitless.

When you escape to an unknown terrain, taste new flavors and cuisines, learn about different cultures, or indulge your desire to see the world, you’re able to rediscover a sense of purpose and reignite old passions which is precisely what Holder found after retiring from his corporate job and traveling the world. Helping others recharge is now his ambition and his experiences have made him a trusted advisor. 

No matter if it’s a solo trip on a luxury yacht, a large group sail around the Mediterranean, an all-inclusive honeymoon, or a family-oriented tour, Holder provides personal and expert support by hand-selecting options from around the world that fit your requirements and stays below the budget. By teaming up with Cruise Planners, “the country’s largest home-based travel franchise company,” the adventure options are countless and are coupled with professional advice, promotional rates, and amenities not available elsewhere. 

Planning a trip on top of everyday duties can often be a daunting task, so contact Holder to eliminate the stress and plan your next vacation. In addition to arranging trips for his clients, Kevin continues to travel himself. Join Kevin and friends on their 2025 group adventures to the Galapagos islands on Silversea, the Caribbean islands on Ritz Carlton or Greece on Explora Journeys!

Kevin Holder: (940) 999-7171 // // 

Book a trip with cruise-specialist travel advisor Kevin Holder to open doors to view endless blue seas.