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From Frame to Finish

How Sloan Construction Fosters Community and Craftsmanship Through Unique Boulder Builds

Article by Lisa Van Horne

Photography by Kelsey Huffer

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

For Dave and Hanna Sloan, respective president and CFO of Boulder’s Sloan Construction, to say that each of their projects is a labor of love would be an understatement. Each project is a unique undertaking with its own riddles to solve, details to perfect, and responsibilities to fulfill.

There’s a responsibility to the client—to pour their peak powers into what is often the client’s biggest life investment.

There’s a responsibility to the environment—to emphasize sustainability through green practices and design.

And there’s a responsibility to the community—to nurture Boulder’s neighborly identity through genuine, meaningful personal interactions.

“The personal relationships we develop with our team and clients are our most valuable assets,” says Dave. “We want our clients to enjoy their new spaces and the roads they took to get there.”

“We strive to make working with Sloan Construction an experience,” Hanna adds, “one with an element of fun that our clients will remember with fond thoughts.”

After honing his carpentry skills working with renowned builders in Boulder’s residential construction community, Dave began Sloan Carpentry. However, his sights were set on taking his love for creating one step further and becoming a construction contractor.

After working with Planet Bluegrass to rebuild the Wildflower Pavilion after Boulder’s September 2013 flooding while his wife, Hanna, a water resources engineer, worked with affected Jamestown residents to rebuild their homes, the couple began Sloan Construction Company, with the goal of serving the Boulder community through impeccable attention to detail, artful craftsmanship, a high level of collaboration, and an incomparable personal touch in their builds.

As Dave puts it, their company specializes in any residential or commercial project that demands a knack for detail. Not only do the Sloans embrace a challenge—they seek them out.

“We love projects that involve challenges so enticing that we have to step back, dig deep, brainstorm, and evaluate several options before diving in,” says Dave.

Delivering on these projects is made possible by the quality and diversity of the Sloan Construction team, as well as the genuine family atmosphere that Dave and Hanna have created. Whether they’re participating in team-building outings, working with the Colorado Green Building Guild(of which Dave is president), serving on the committee for the Boulder Green Home Tour, or participating in events at their children’s local schools, the Sloans are passionate about bringing a family feel to all of their business—and personal—interactions.

“Sloan Construction would not be where it is today without the help of our families,” says Hanna. “We’re establishing deep roots in the community, and it all starts with family.”