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Bread is Life

Carole's House Cafè and French Bakery

Lucky for us, Carole’s House is coming soon to Tamiami Trail East. Until then, find baker, Cristophe Mars' beautiful bread and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 11 am at The Village Walk of Naples. We caught him kneading and asked him about his craft and why bread is his life.

NL: So, bread sometimes gets a bad rap in discussions about healthy eating. 

CM: Bread is everything to me and I do believe in its benefit for our body.  Bread is very low in lipids and can help the GI track! Most important also it reduces the sensation of hunger and prevents the need for snacking! However, this is true only with real bread, which will be made with only four ingredients: water, flour, salt and yeast!  

NL: What will you be baking in January that we shouldn't miss? 

At the new location, we will be offering a fresh French baguette made from scratch and a sourdough “boule” plus healthy breakfast, brunch, and lunch options. 

NL: What new grains or ingredients are you excited about for 2022?

Years ago I went to a very old bakery in Sau in Provence where the baker started to use an ancient grain petit épeautre. I would love to be able to introduce this grain in SWFL. In the meantime, I'll be using a lot of different grains to create different salads and bowls. SWFL offers so many great options from freshly roasted coffee by Narrative or mushrooms from Stropharia Farm. 

NL: We’re so lucky to have you! How did you end up in Naples?

Funny story -  when I moved to NYC, I reconnected with some people from France and met Carole who was splitting her time between NYC and Naples for some 30 years.  I visited her and my love for Naples never stopped. We ended purchasing a house in Village Walk. So convenient!

  • 8793 Tamiani Trail E.,  239.231.8003