From Gym to Runway

Jessie Hockert Is an Inspiration and a Teen Advocate

Day to day and in the pageant world, Jessie Hockert exudes compassion, strength and beauty. She is not only gorgeous but fiercely motivated in life, making her a strong competitor in the upcoming Miss Oklahoma USA pageant.

As a child, Jessie was in competitive dance and gymnastics and enjoyed guitar and piano. Eight years ago, she moved to Oklahoma. She loves the hospitality here.

“Wherever you go there is always someone who is willing to help a stranger,” she says.

As a freshman in high school, Jessie began weightlifting and training. Initially, she intended to increase strength, but quickly realized what a positive impact it had on her mental health. Jessie struggles with anxiety, but she hasn’t let it get in her way.

“My first pageant (Miss Oklahoma Teen USA) was my senior year of high school, to which I had no experience or knowledge of the industry. I’m the kind of person who has an idea and runs with it, so all it took for me was seeing a single social media post of Miss Oklahoma and some initiative to go for it! After my first year of prep, I fell in love with the structure, dedication and advocacy work that goes into pageantry.”

She began working at a fitness studio in high school and worked her way up to assistant manager. From here, she went on to attain her coaching license and is currently a fitness coach at Orange Theory Fitness Moore.

 At 21, in addition to training for Miss Oklahoma, her hobbies include rock climbing, skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, the guitar, writing and traveling.

Jessie's Dedication to Self Improvement: Preparing for Miss Oklahoma USA

On-stage preparation – “Walking lessons (in 6-inch heels!) to perfect posing, strides on stage, facial expressions, etc., along with wardrobe consultations and finding the perfect look for me!”

Physical fitness – “I have implemented a weekly routine to help me feel most confident during the swimsuit competition. With that, I also prioritize fueling my body with what is necessary to look, perform and feel my best.”

Interview portion – “In my opinion, [this is] the most challenging but also the most exciting. Working with my interview coach has assisted me in becoming more confident in answering tough questions on the spot. I put efforts toward my platform by working with like-minded organizations and addressing the issue on a local and nationwide scale.”

Jessie incorporates the acronym S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) into her daily life. “By setting SMART goals for myself, it helps me stay on top of my responsibilities.”

Jessie’s Platform and Passion

“My participation in the nonprofit organization Unsilenced has evoked tremendous passion unlike any other thus far in my life,” she says, explaining that the nonprofit’s mission is to put an end to institutional child abuse. She has had the opportunity to work alongside Paris Hilton in the movement.

“I believe it is important to give back to my community, title holder or not. As Miss Oklahoma USA, I would continue my advocacy work for teen wellness and safety, on a larger scale.”

Jessie is certified in Wellness Coaching and runs her own business.

“I specifically work with teen girls who have anxiety, trouble goal setting or lack of confidence. It is a collaborative partnership, proactive approach and a discovery process for many.” (Find out more at TeenWellnessCoaching.com.)

Jessie’s strength is visible in every aspect of her life. Her compassion is nothing short of inspirational and her infectious energy makes her a fierce candidate for this year’s Miss Oklahoma USA pageant. We wish her all the best in this year’s competition and her advocacy for teen wellness and safety.

Miss Oklahoma USA will take place March 25-26 in Oklahoma City. The week before finals, online voting opens for the people’s choice award; visit MissOklahomaUSA.com.

“I believe it is important to give back to my community, title holder or not. As Miss Oklahoma USA, I would continue my advocacy work for teen wellness and safety, on a larger scale.”

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