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Team Nurit at The Agency DC

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Leading with Head and Heart

Nurit Coombe Leads Her Top-Producing Real-Estate Team with Intelligence and Love

There's a special gene required for members of Team Nurit at The Agency DC. According to Nurit Coombe, it equates to "Having a good heart!" Of course, team members need smarts, commitment, and drive, but above all else, the heart is where it's at. "When you surround yourself with an amazing team that believes in you and vice-versa… and they have extra motivation for the job they are doing for our clients – then it's not just a job – it's so much more."

Clearly, it's working, as The Agency DC has been ranked 14th among real estate teams nationwide by the Wall Street Journal and #1 in Maryland, with billions of dollars in real estate deals across the DMV. In 2021 alone, they closed over $300 million in sales with more than 585 transactions. Still, Nurit doesn't measure her success by sales numbers. Instead, she focuses on people. It's essential for her to keep her company "family-oriented, loving, and caring." According to Nurit, you can't lose focus of what is important, "being there for a buyer or seller every step of the way; to answer questions, to offer support, to give them everything they need. They are not just a client, they become part of our family."

In her native Israel, Nurit rose through the ranks of the Israeli Army to become the Director of Business Development for the Israeli Armament Development Authority, putting her strategic, analytic, and planning skills to good use. Today, she uses those same skills in her role as a top real estate professional. She gathers intelligence about homes coming on the market to remain at the top of her game. Knowing the area she serves is critical. "We offer refreshments at community meetings; we serve on boards in our own neighborhoods; we throw parties, ice cream socials, and other fun events," she explains. "I love parties, I love people, and I love being immersed in the community."

At weekly meetings, Nurit and her agents discuss the economy, inflation, the war in Ukraine, oil, the stock market, and more. "Being on top of the market and understanding every aspect is important," she says, adding that she is one of only a few agents in the country certified to buy and sell real estate with cryptocurrency. Nurit regularly talks to builders, community leaders, lenders, insurance companies, government officials, and then shares what she learns at her monthly public seminars. The seminars (virtual, in-person, or hybrid), she says, "are for buyers, sellers, everyone." Find the schedule at

Her latest accomplishment is bringing The Agency to D.C. Originating in Los Angeles and founded by Mauricio Umansky; it's now the fastest-growing luxury real estate company nationwide. The founders of The Agency wanted to create a company that mattered, with a shared mission and passion, and Nurit immediately connected with the brand. "We believe in offering our clients a spirit of partnership, innovation, passion, and integrity, and they are the perfect fit," she proclaims, "it's amazing. I've never seen a company that is so on top of things and cares so much. Everyone welcomed us from every level, and Mauricio was right there - texting, calling, caring. He is a genuine, real, and wonderful person." Mauricio feels the same way saying, "Nurit caught our attention with what she has been able to achieve in D.C., and we know she will be a great steward of the Agency brand and culture." And with the power of The Agency behind her, there is no limit to her team's future success.

In keeping with The Agency's philosophy, Nurit is committed to providing luxury service for every client. "For us, luxury isn't about price; it's about the experience. We've rekindled the lost art of white-glove service," she explains,"being with The Agency means we can utilize their systems and provide extensive services for every one of our clients." "We have everything they might need, right at our fingertips," she adds, describing her access to national advertising campaigns, national social media platforms, marketing experts, designers, contractors, decorators, and more.

What's ahead for this powerhouse businesswoman? Nurit says that 2022 will be a challenging year for the real estate market. She is already developing strategies and marketing plans to help her sellers and buyers maximize their profits and get the best deals while also understanding their needs. She's also focusing on expanding her team and providing them with all the necessary tools to succeed. But most of all, she looks forward to helping her clients find their dream home, becoming a part of their story and developing a friendship for life.

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