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From Miss Georgia to QVC Superstar

Kim Gravel is a global voice

Kim Gravel is known as “America’s Best Girlfriend,” as she reaches millions as a QVC host and TV personality, author and force behind an apparel and cosmetic line, now a $100 million company. 

Kim's mission as a global voice is to build up women with words of encouragement, reminding them to walk in confidence, trust God, stop struggling, embrace the beauty of who they are and step into their power and purpose. Once down and out and living in a rundown apartment, this dynamo embraced her circumstances and personal power to launch her highly successful apparel line, Belle by Kim Gravel®, and she also launched the Belle Beauty® cosmetic line.

She spoke last month in Duluth to share her new book, Collecting Confidence: Start Where You Are to Become the Person You Were Meant to Be. We caught up with Kim to ask about her life in Georgia and what’s next. 

Tell us about what Georgia means to you.

Kim Gravel: I love Georgia! I have lived nearly my entire life in Georgia (specifically the metro Atlanta area), and I can’t imagine living and raising my kids somewhere else. The friendliness, the hometown feel and the Southern values of faith, family and football (well maybe not football) has always appealed to me. One of the proudest moments of my life was when I was crowned Miss Georgia and went on to represent my state in the Miss America pageant. I was excited to share my love for George in front of a national audience. It’s been a true honor to use my platform to elevate the great state of Georgia.

You’ve said your calling in life is to build up women. We love that!

KG: Yes, that’s how I’ve always seen Belle Beauty: as a way to help build up women by helping them feel beautiful. Because every woman IS beautiful, even if they don’t always feel it. That’s why it’s so important to have the right clothes and makeup that support you and your specific, unique style. Those are the things that can make all the difference in the world. In addition, one of my great passions in life has been the beauty industry. From competing in beauty pageants to hosting a Lifetime reality TV show helping girls compete in pageants to working in some of the top-name beauty brands, beauty has been a constant in my life. Founding my own beauty brand has been a dream come true.

Find Kim's new book wherever you buy your books locally, or at

Kim's mission is to build up women with words of encouragement, reminding them to walk in confidence, trust God, stop struggling and embrace the beauty of who they are. 

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