From Motocross to Hollywood

Dripping Native Jason Johnson Takes to the Silver Screen

Born in Austin, Jason Johnson’s childhood memories of dusty trails in South Austin and the transition to the serene hills of Dripping Springs mark the roots of his upbringing.

Throughout Johnson’s younger years, he shared the thrill of racing dirt bikes with his father. Nurturing a deep love for motocross, these experiences ignited early dreams of becoming a professional racer. After his 2005 graduation from Dripping Springs High School, Jason moved to Austin, a decision driven by his passion for motocross and a desire to be closer to the local racetracks.

Little did Jason know that his love for motocross would also lead him to the love of his life: his wife, Korrie. They recently celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. 

In 2010, Jason achieved his childhood dream by earning his AMA Monster Energy Supercross & Pro Motocross Professional Racing Credentials. For the next decade, he raced professionally.

After retiring from racing in late 2019, Jason found himself on a quest for a new challenge, one that could rival the thrill of motocross. The idea of pursuing acting surfaced. Doubt tried to hold him back, but a persistent inner voice urged him forward. With unwavering support from his wife, he enrolled in acting classes at The Carol Hickey Acting Studio in Austin.

Nervousness gripped Jason as he enrolled in his first class. Public speaking had always been a source of unease, and acting was an entirely new realm. Praying for guidance, two requests weighed on his heart: to confirm whether this was indeed the right path and why he felt called to acting. Jason’s prayers were answered in a moment of divine serendipity when he entered classroom #318, the same number he had carried as a professional racer for a decade. It was the confirmation Jason needed to know he was precisely where he needed to be.

As Jason continued his journey into acting, he began landing roles in student films and eventually secured his first paid acting job in the thriller “Into the Darkness.” The words of his acting coach echoed in his ears as he received similar praise for his natural talent and potential. He went on to sign with two agencies, embarking on a path that led to participation in more than 25 productions.

In 2023, he earned SAG-AFTRA eligibility through his work on “The Secret Life of Amy Bensen,” although the industry’s strike temporarily halted progress in some SAG productions. Nevertheless, he stands in support of the strike, believing that positive changes will emerge for all involved.

Jason says his future is placed firmly in God’s hands, and he embraces it with unwavering faith. He believes that his purpose extends beyond becoming a successful actor; it includes using his platform to spread positivity, encouragement and faith. He is grateful for the blessings that have enriched his life, from the love of his spouse and family to the opportunities in his career. With gratitude filling his heart, he looks ahead to the exciting journey that lies before him.

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