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From Screens to Sunsets:

How Two Worlds Collided to Build Outdoor Dreams at Velero Deck Designs

Article by Jaime Guerrero and Diego Osorio

Photography by Velero Deck Designs

Originally published in Leesburg Lifestyle

In the midst of a pandemic that reshaped lives and perspectives, one chance encounter forged a new beginning. Jaime Guerrero had seasoned expertise in home construction, having honed his craft across diverse projects, mastering the art of detailing and team leadership. Diego Osorio, was a veteran in information technology who was seeking solace in the outdoors. Diego craved a shift “from screens to sunsets.”

Yet both were in their own way dedicated to perfection in their professions. Jaime's journey through the construction landscape was a model of dedication and meticulousness. With a legacy spanning more than twenty years, he had traversed the construction gamut, from framing houses to sheetrock finishing, eventually finding his passion in deck building. His penchant for perfectionism caused him to transform what was for some mundane tasks into refined practices like cutting composite boards into the impeccable quality that differentiated his work from competitors.

Diego's narrative unfolded against a backdrop of technological innovation and financial expertise. Thirty years of entrenched work in IT gave him a wealth of experience and a trove of client-centric skills. But, ironically, just as the world turned virtual, he longed for the outdoors. What Jaime did spoke to his newfound passion for outdoor craftsmanship. That, combined with his financial acumen were skills ripe for a new entrepreneurial venture.

Let’s just say they hit it off. Their shared zeal for craftsmanship and an unspoken alignment of values sowed the seeds for a grand vision. In 2022, fueled by shared passion and an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit, Jaime and Diego took the leap of faith, launching Velero Deck Designs, a perfect blend of their shared dreams and complementary expertise.

Velero Deck Designs emerged not just as a company but as a fusion of Jaime's mastery of construction intricacies and Diego's prowess in client relations and business operations. Their collaboration birthed a vision where decks weren't mere structures but canvases for individual aspirations—a place where craftsmanship and client-centricity merged seamlessly.

Diego's passion for innovation manifested in the introduction of astonishing 3D renderings, an integral part of Velero's standard offering during project estimates. Clients were no longer presented with mere blueprints; they were transported into vivid, lifelike visualizations of their dream decks. This innovation bridged the gap between imagination and reality, allowing clients to envisage their envisioned spaces with unprecedented clarity.

The addition of 3D renderings wasn't just a technological advancement; it was a testament to Velero's commitment to personalized service. It became a conduit for clients to actively participate in the creative process, allowing them to fine-tune designs and customize every aspect of their dream deck.

Their approach wasn't just about crafting decks; it was about understanding dreams, aspirations, and translating them into beautifully constructed realities. Velero became synonymous with not just quality craftsmanship but also a personalized touch—a testament to their shared ethos of attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Says Diego, “Transitioning from indoor work to designing and building decks, I never imagined the joy that comes with crafting spaces where people create countless cherished memories.”

Today, Velero Deck Designs stands as a testament to the power of passion, collaboration, and the fusion of diverse expertise. It's a story that underscores the transformative potential of chance encounters and the incredible heights that can be scaled when passion meets proficiency.

In a world reshaped by uncertainty, Jaime and Diego found certainty in their shared vision—a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the inexorable drive to build, both dreams and realities, one deck at a time.

Velero Deck Designs is a Class A Contractor, fully licensed and insured that serves primarily residences in Loudoun and Fairfax County.  You can find more about them at

  • Partners Diego Osorio and Jaime Guerrero