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From the Bookshelf (and Beyond) with Genevieve Padalecki

At Austin Life we have a big crush on Genevieve Padalecki and like more than a million others, keep regular tabs on her Instagram to see what she recommends on everything from books to clean beauty. Starting this month we’re thrilled she’s going to share some of her favorites from her book club (y’all know she’s a voracious reader), tips from TOWWN (her project sharing ways to Take Only What We Need) and other gems she finds while navigating the wild world of parenting and urban homesteading in Austin, Texas. In addition to books and sustainability tips, in any given month she may be highlighting healthy recipes, taste-testing bourbon cocktails, sharing workouts, her thoughts on relationships and self-care or spreading the word on some of her favorite style finds. Enjoy!

The Husbands by Chandler Baker

Austin local Chandler Baker’s newest book is one that will be difficult to put down.  Set in the heart of Austin, her newest thriller explores at what lengths it will take for a mama to get a little more support at home.  Nora is a successful attorney, supportive partner and mother. The problem is she feels like she's bearing the brunt of responsibilities and feeling the weight of resentment. When Nora takes on a wrongful death case she gets involved with a group of inspiring women who seem to have it all (including incredibly supportive husbands).  What she uncovers is the secret to having it all and what it may take to get there

Play 2 Progress by Allie Ticktin

You might recognize this title from the popular website, but in this book, Allie Ticktin, spells it all out on how to get your kiddos thriving from childhood and beyond.  She recognizes the struggles and pitfalls of the modern world and suggests reducing time on the screen (i am certainly guilty!!) and encourages fun activities and sensory play to help kids build developmental skills. Ticktin walks through all 9 senses and explains the roles of each and ways to engage them.

Empire of the Summer Moon S.C. Gwynne

This one isn't a recent release but it’s an important one.  Odds are if you’re reading this you're already a local, thinking about being a local or love this city as much as we do. Then you need to read this book.  It centers around the Comanche that used to reside right here, and in particular Quanah.  It's a beautiful important historical novel that provides insight into the history of Texas


Take advantage of Austin Hikes and get outside and learn about Austin while hitting the dirt with running groups like Trail Roots or  Gilbert's Gazelles then get a grocery delivery supporting our local farmers Milk Run or Farmhouse Delivery

And since this is the Style issue, shop at Miranda Bennet (I hear they’re doing a bigger feature on her next month!)