From the Heart, Music Speaks

Introducing Music & Heart Jewelry, A Local, Family-owned Jewelry Company

Originally from Rhode Island, Ron and Cheryl Paliotta are the owners of Music & Heart Jewelry and have been local to Spring Hill for 20 years. Ron has been in the jewelry business his entire life, and since his family’s business was no longer operating, he missed doing what he loved. And so Music & Heart was born. Ron, who brings 40 years of experience to his craft, started by making wire bracelets in his garage and having them plated, and it has since moved to a more sustainable business.

Cheryl says, “Music is the rhythm of the heart. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks or sings. Music speaks what the heart sings.” As a nod to being in Music City (Nashville), much of their jewelry contains musical instruments as pendants, such as guitars and pianos. Their jewelry is all 22k gold, platinum, or rhodium-plated with a guarantee replacement in the event of any defects (though they’ve never had that issue). 

What they do is so much more than just a jewelry business—it’s a mission. One day, they hope to expand, offering jobs to mothers and allowing them to work whatever hours work for their schedules so they can be there for their children. They also hope to expand to employ handicapped individuals part-time.

Ron and Cheryl have been married for 55 years, have three daughters, and are loving grandparents.

While they hope to get Music & Heart Jewelry back into airport stores, currently you can find their jewelry on display at First Horizon Bank in Spring Hill and at Painted Tree Market Place in Franklin on the revolving heart stand directly to the left of the entrance.

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