From Touchdowns to Total Care

A Journey From the Football Field to the Pharmacy

In the beautiful town of Aiken, a unique power couple focused on faith, family, and football has emerged. Meet Steve and Amy Hibbitts, the dynamic duo behind Total Care Medical Center, the former TLC Medical Center. Steve, head football coach for Lakeside High School, and his wife, Amy, an employee of TLC, have transformed the pharmacy into a beacon of comprehensive healthcare in the community.

As head coach, Steve Hibbitts is known for strategic plays and motivational prowess. His dedication to shaping young minds and fostering teamwork has proven invaluable in his new venture of owning and operating a pharmacy. 

Amy Hibbitts has been an esteemed employee of TLC and a friend of Zoom Heaton’s for years. When the opportunity arose to buy the pharmacy, the Hibbitts saw a chance to fulfill their lifelong quest of doing something special to impact their community’s healthcare landscape. In 2023, they took the leap, acquiring TLC and transforming it into Total Care Medical Center and J & L Compounding.

The Hibbitts' vision for Total Care was simple yet profound: prioritizing patient care and forging genuine connections with their patients. Steve’s coaching background has played a crucial role in shaping the culture of the pharmacy. He brought principles of teamwork, discipline and leadership from the field into the heart of the pharmacy. 

This couple's commitment to personalized patient care has become the cornerstone of Total Care. Unlike larger chain pharmacies, the Hibbitts and their staff take the time to get to know each patient, understanding their unique needs and health concerns. Steve’s coaching philosophy of getting to know each player's strengths and weaknesses has translated seamlessly into understanding the individualized needs of their pharmacy customers. 

Prescriptions are just the starting point for Total Care. Drawing from her extensive pharmaceutical and compounding expertise, Amy has helped expand their offerings involving compounding creams, durable medical equipment (DME), incontinence care, all-natural sleep support, dermatological and skincare options, hormone replacement therapy, and an extensive selection of the highest quality compression hose. These are just a few of the offerings that have quickly set Total Care Medical Center apart from other pharmacies in Aiken. 

One of the critical lessons Steve has brought from the field is the importance of effective communication. Clear communication is essential for accurate prescriptions and patient education in a pharmacy setting. Steve’s coaching strategies, such as team huddles, regular feedback sessions, and furthering employee education, have fostered an environment where staff and clients have flourished. 

The Hibbitts’ dedication to their patient’s care extends beyond the walls of the pharmacy. Amy shared a touching story of providing a specialized scooter for a customer suffering from severe pain and limited mobility due to neuropathy. He wanted to be able to go on vacation with his wife but couldn’t without this specific scooter. Steve and Amy spent countless hours finding the correct product and hand-delivered it to the couple. Amy called a few weeks later to see how their trip went and was thrilled to hear they had an amazing time. Two weeks later, Amy received a call from the spouse thanking them for finding the scooter. Her husband had unexpectedly passed away and she was so thankful that they went the extra mile to find the scooter that allowed them to build memories before his passing. 

Service like this is why Total Care has become synonymous with compassionate care and their clients have embraced their new approach to healthcare. Steve and Amy have successfully merged the worlds of football and pharmacy and are creating a legacy they hope to one day pass on to their children. Their son, Jake, has already spent time helping in the pharmacy, especially with deliveries, and patients have become quite endeared to him. 

When asked about the future, Steve and Amy were bright-eyed as they discussed the progression of a minute clinic, an increased social media presence and continued growth supporting local vendors of holistic products in their pharmacy. They also shared how they have enjoyed expanding their services by providing medications for local animal and equine veterinarians. 

The Hibbitts’ story proves the transformative power of dedication, teamwork and community spirit. From touchdowns to total care, their journey has not only improved the health of Aiken’s residents but also exemplified how passion and leadership can create a lasting impact on an entire community.

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