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Boosted & Fueled Refreshers

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Fuel for the Fire

Where the Passion Pours Out into Every Healthy Drink

Article by Stephanie Meinberg

Photography by Matthew J Capps Business Image Services

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

I walk through the unassuming double doors and immediately slow down. I breathe deeper, my shoulders relax. It feels … good in here. Peaceful. Powerful. Positive. There’s a tangible energy, is it the lights? The colors? The textures and tiles? I haven’t even gotten to the menu yet. 

Blended Fuel opened its doors after a 3-week whirlwind at the end of last September, tucked away behind an Ameristop and alongside a vet, taco shop and ice cream store. But it’s their Fields Ertel location, right next to I-71, that’s a signature of this smoothie shop.  

“I think we’re in such a good spot,” says owner Sammi Wendt. “One thing about this area, there’s not a lot of healthy fast-food options or coffee shops. So if you’re looking for something quick and healthy, there’s not much. Once people find us, they love it, especially in the mornings—they can stop in, then get right on the highway.”

With smoothies, coffee, refreshers, cereal bowls, overnight oats, parfaits and more, Blended Fuel has elevated the good-for-you shake trend to a whole new level. “I’ve been in the nutrition industry for 15 years, so our whole concept here is low sugar, low calorie, high protein, high nutrition,” Sammi reveals. “Everything on our menu tastes great, looks good, and can fit into anyone’s meal plan—that’s what’s really cool.”

But the main focus? Community. This is more than just grab-and-go—Sammi collabs with local vendors for events, hosts meal prep classes, accountability groups, weight loss seminars. She’s also got an app for even faster ordering ahead. Talk about interactive.  

“A lot of people start their day here because they feel good when they leave. Or they’re having a bad day, and come in to feel lifted,” Sammi smiles. “We do it a little different than other places, building relationships with everyone who comes in. We don’t just blend stuff and hand it to them—we really have a conversation. There’s a lot of passion behind this.”

Passion—and seriously delicious drinks. “We have one regular who comes in, and as she’s sipping and walking out the door, she turns around every time and yells, ‘It’s gonna be the best day ever!’ That makes you feel good.”

Burger and a Coke
“It’s what I tell customers because then it clicks,” Sammi laughs, why getting both smoothie and refresher (or smoothie and coffee) equates. “One is your meal, one is your drink—only you’re getting 24 grams of protein and 240 calories or less for the whole thing.” As for flavors? Pick your favorite dessert craving—from chocolate to caramel to cheesecake and pie.

All the Drinks
Whether you’re feeling low energy, need a meal replacement, or post-workout pick-me-up, every smoothie fits the bill—the difference lies in your preference for fat-burning, fiber, probiotics and more. And coffee? Oh yes, iced or hot, and super clean with only 2 grams of sugar and 100 calories (you read that right), including your copycat latte faves. Refreshers round out the list, some with aloe or tea, vitamins or immunity, great for both clean hydration and a caffeine kick. 

Getting Bowled Over
Don’t forget overnight oats, energy shots, cereal bowls and protein parfaits. Some flavors change with the seasons, but the variety is built to fit anyone’s preference and palate. Overwhelming? A quick tutorial comes standard. “We give everyone the full lowdown on the menu,’” Sammi assures me. “It only takes like two minutes, and then they’re in a groove.”

@Blended_Fuel | 8683 Fields Ertel Rd, Cincinnati

Waffle Wednesdays
Here’s something to sink your teeth into—every Wednesday, there’s a new and tantalizing variety of waffle, each one packing a whopping 30 grams of protein but under 300 calories. Pro tip: get there early, they sell out fast. 

  • Boosted & Fueled Refreshers
  • Dark Chocolate Coconut Super-Fueled Coffee
  • Owner Sammi Wendt
  • Owner Sammi Wendt
  • Banana Split Loaded Smoothie
  • Photo credit: Stephanie Meinberg
  • Fat Burning S’mores Smoothie | Photo credit: Sammi Wendt
  • Photo credit: Stephanie Meinberg
  • High Protein Overnight Oats | Photo credit: Sammi Wendt
  • Photo credit: Stephanie Meinberg
  • Photo credit: Stephanie Meinberg
  • Protein Oatmeal | Photo credit: Sammi Wendt
  • Photo credit: Stephanie Meinberg
  • Photo credit: Stephanie Meinberg
  • Array of Parfaits | Photo credit: Sammi Wendt
  • Wednesday Protein Waffle | Photo credit: Sammi Wendt

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