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Community and Family at the Heart of Day Heights Auto Service

Great news for anyone on the lookout for quality regional car care: Day Heights Auto Service, now celebrating its 42nd year, has expanded its operations to better serve families in the Loveland area.

Last July, family-owned Day Heights Auto Service opened its doors on Loveland Madeira Rd (next door to Grand Sands). A long-time local fave, the company will also continue operations at its flagship location in Milford, on OH-131 east of Wolfpen Pleasant Rd. Each service station provides comprehensive repair, diagnostic testing, and maintenance services. “We also specialize in tire and brake services, to ensure our customers’ vehicles are safe and road-ready,” says Jamie Kellerman, president.

The expansion and investment into the Loveland area, he says, “has been a longtime dream of mine.” Jamie’s father established Day Heights Auto Service back in 1982.

“One of the most profound memories I have of my father’s early years at work is witnessing his tireless dedication to our customers and the community,” Jamie smiles, today. “It wasn’t just one isolated incident—it was a pattern of countless occasions where he went above and beyond to ensure every vehicle that came through our doors was not only repaired, but made safer for everyone on the road.”

A respect for all that his father built isn’t lost on Jamie. Extending services to a broader audience allows him to have a positive impact in new neighborhoods, and contribute to more communities. 

“Carrying our family business into a new era is a deeply personal journey,” Jamie shares, one that both honors his father’s vision and acknowledges Jamie’s own aspirations for growth. “It's about honoring our roots—by staying true to our principles of trust, integrity and quality service.” 

Jamie says his father’s dedication laid the foundation for their present success. “And I’m committed to building upon that legacy.” 

Jamie proudly points out that his commitment to exceptional customer service isn't just a time-tested business strategy—it’s the very essence of who they are, and what Day Heights Auto Service stands for. “From the moment a customer walks through our doors, they become part of our extended family,” he says. “And we treat them with the same care and respect that we would our own loved ones.”

And it shows outside the shops’ doors as well. From grassroots functions to full-blown efforts to replace local school scoreboards, investing in the community is key to the Day Heights Auto Service mission—the organization is also a regular fixture at parades and chamber events every year, thanks in part to the support of sister company, Day Heights Towing Service.

Jamie explains that the towing service has expanded right alongside its auto services. “With a current fleet of 9 trucks and plans for further expansion, DH Towing plays an integral role in supporting our operations and serving our customers,” Jamie adds. “Their dedication to professionalism, reliability and customer satisfaction mirrors our own values, making them another essential pillar of our company.”

It all comes down to care. “We believe in taking the time to truly understand each customer’s unique needs and concerns—providing tailored solutions that go above and beyond their expectations,” he says. “This personalized touch sets us apart, earning us a loyal customer base who appreciates the care and attention we put into every service we provide.” 

And decades of experience have only deepened Jamie’s commitment to delivering exceptional service with a personal touch, ensuring each customer receives the attention they deserve.

“By blending tradition with innovation, we’re not just carrying our family business into a new era … we’re shaping its future and ensuring it continues to thrive for generations to come.”

Ready for Summer?
No surprise, Jamie wanted to share a few things drivers should keep in mind this season.

Check the Cooling System: Essential for preventing overheating, especially during the hot summer months—Jamie suggests inspecting the radiator for leaks or corrosion, checking hoses for cracks or bulges, and ensuring the coolant level is adequate and the mixture is correct.

Inspect Air Conditioning: A properly functioning air conditioning system is crucial for staying comfortable during summer drives.

Inspect Tires: “Tires are your vehicle’s only contact with the road,” Jamie says, “making them critical for safety and performance. Check tire pressure regularly, including the spare tire, to ensure they are properly inflated for maximum fuel efficiency and traction.”

Test the Battery: High temperatures can accelerate battery corrosion and shorten its lifespan, Jamie points out. “Have your battery tested by a professional to check its voltage output and overall condition.”

Replace Wiper Blades: Summer storms can reduce visibility and create hazardous driving conditions. “Inspect your wiper blades for signs of wear, such as streaking or skipping, and replace them if necessary,” Jamie says. “Regularly replacing your wiper blades helps maintain optimal visibility and safety on the road.”
10732 Loveland Madeira Rd, Loveland | 513.744.1685
1236 Ohio 131, Milford | 513.248.1662

From the moment a customer walks through our doors, they become part of our extended family.

It's about honoring our roots—by staying true to our principles of trust, integrity and quality service.

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