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Fun Fall Finds

Picks at Willow Jane, Halcyon

1. It's game time ladies. Support your Dawgs in style. This unique selection of Georgia game day items embodies the passion, tradition, and sense of community that defines the fan culture. 2. Sassy glasses for mom. 3. The best beers for the bros' frat rooms. 4. Celebrating a bride? Let's do it! 5. Gifts for game day hosts. 6. These locally made jewelry pieces hold a unique charm and significance that sets them apart from mass-produced alternatives.7. And, a little something for pop. The boutique's selection of men's socks and candles is unique due to its thoughtful curation, variety of styles, premium quality materials, unique candle designs, and handcrafted, artisanal touch.

Willow Jane

6655 Town Square Ste 1280