Rethinking Your Promotional Product Purchase

There is some discussion in the promotional products industry over whether we are earth friendly.  It has some validity.  But it is changing, as it must.  As one of my clients once said, “It’s the only earth that we have.  Why not take care of it?”

Promotional products, any of those logoed items to promote, identify, and recognize MUST first be functional.  If not, if the items go immediately into the junk drawer, or worse yet, the landfill, we are all part of the problem.  And you are losing out on the impact that you could have with the item.

Everything has a life expectancy.  At some point, it will need to be recycled, repurposed, or disposed of.  

Recycled is ideal.  T-shirts are now available made of completely recycled cotton and recycled polyester.  Paper has been recycled for a long time and is still used in pads, journals, coloring books and more.  

Repurposed is good.  If your business information has changed, so the pens, pads or shirts no longer identify you organization, there are schools and organizations like Salvation Army who would welcome the donation.

By delaying the “disposed of”, we can enhance our earth friendliness.  Stainless steel  or aluminum water bottles rather than plastic, disposable, bottles.  Silicone or bamboo or stainless steel straws instead of plastic or paper.  But, at some point, when it must go to the landfill, does it biodegrade?  Wood or bamboo, yes.  Wheat straw, yes.  Plastic, not so much.  And new materials are being developed all the time that won’t be unearthed, whole, a century from now.

So, when considering your promotional product purchase – or any purchase – think “is it functional?”, “is it fun ?(which will maximize your marketing impact) and “is it friendly to the only earth we have?”

John Barber, CHH Engraving, Inc.

Promotional Marketing



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