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Furniture, From Their Family to Yours

Meet JJ and Kristy Ortega of TRIFECTA

Article by Johns Creek City Lifestyle staff

Photography by Catrina Maxwell | CATMAX Photography

Originally published in Johns Creek City Lifestyle

City Lifestyle: This issue of the magazine is all about saluting the entrepreneurial spirit. We think you are helping revolutionize the furniture buying process. What makes Trifecta Home Furniture different? 

Kristy and JJ Ortega: We are different than every other retail furniture store because we have created and perfected a fun and exciting way to purchase in-stock, unique furnishings without waiting or ordering! Gone are the days of long retail hours and overhead costs eating away at the bottom line. With our business model we are able to work less and pass the overhead savings on to our clients. At Trifecta Home Furniture we design and manufacture our own products so most of our products and fabrics are exclusive to Trifecta  - meaning you can’t find them anywhere else in the marketplace.

CL: People love to be a part of something bigger than themselves and they love the story behind Trifecta Home Furniture: a husband and wife who bootstrapped the business and built it from the ground up. Share your history!

KO: The first store was a 3,000 sf space in Chamblee back in 2015, under the parent name of K&J Design Group. We currently occupy nearly 100,000 square feet, combining all locations. Many clients and designers have shopped with us since the very beginning. They've watched where we are going and supported us all along the way. We have decorated entire houses for some clients and watched them create memories there... then move to another house and have us do it all over again. We decorate their beach houses, mountain houses and lake houses. It’s an ongoing relationship that is really quite unique. Our business is primarily run on referrals, so we take great care in maintaining those relationships and creating new ones. 

CL: Trifecta offers exclusive fabrics and styles that can’t be found anywhere else in the marketplace. You have inventory in stock that customers can take home the same day or have scheduled and delivered. There's no need to order and wait 10+ months with supply chain issues. That's amazing! Tell us why that's an important part of your business plan.

KO: When people shop with Trifecta, they know they are getting the very best quality for the best price. With so many shopping options, we know that we need to be a notch above the rest. Designing our own line and partnering with manufacturers who offer customizations that we created was a critical pivot that sustained us during an otherwise touch-and-go time for the furniture industry. As consumers, we are accustomed to instant gratification. To be able to continue to provide that during all of the supply chain issues has been crucial for our business over the last 24 months. A slogan we often reference is "Do what you do and do it better than anyone else." This will keep your clients happy and coming back to you again and again and it will always keep you a step ahead of your competitors. 

CL: What designs and pieces are you excited about for 2023? What can shoppers expect to find in the stores this month? 

KO: Design trends change every couple of months. Rather than chase the latest design trends, we offer classic, neutral, unique and timeless pieces that will never go out of style. We love incorporating earth tones and textures to give that elevated, yet approachable feel to your overall design. 

CL: Your company has grown to several locations across the Southeast. Tell us about your goals for this year and beyond.

KO: We have some very big plans in the works for Trifecta. Some we can talk about and some we can’t. Expansion is always top of mind. We want to be available to everyone without compromising our personal touch, which has played a big part in our success thus far. One thing is certain about our team: we are not afraid to make moves. "Ready, fire, aim" is something we are well known for. It’s that gutsy, tenacious fire that keeps our brand propelled above the rest and allows us to be trendsetters in our industry, whether it’s our business model or the products we offer. 

CL:  Philanthropy is important to you. Tell us how you'll be giving back this year and what causes are near and dear to your hearts.

KO: Trifecta’s primary partnership is with an organization called Sunshine on a Ranney Day, which reconstructs living spaces for children with special needs. Our youngest son Jack is autistic, so this organization is near and dear to us. Trifecta financially contributes to several other local charitable organizations and schools throughout Alpharetta where we call home. 

CL: Finally, you are known for your excellent customer service. Tell us about your team, the longest-time employees and why they are special.

KO: We invest deeply in our team that makes this business possible. One of the most common compliments we get is that everyone at Trifecta is so friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Ackeroy Barton (known as Ackey) has been with us since the very beginning, nearly 10 years ago. He is the glue to the labor side of our business and currently handles all deliveries with his white glove delivery service Ackeroy's Accurate Moving Company. Several of our team members have worked with Trifecta for more than five years and we feel fortunate for that. 

We all know that we have something very special here with this business that blesses us all beyond measure. We don’t take that for granted, and we all truly love what we do. We work hard, we give God the glory, and we hustle. Every. Single. Day.


935 N Point Drive, Alpharetta

4555 Atwater Court #D, Buford

2410 Canton Road, Marietta

1648 University Blvd W, Jacksonville, FL

Many clients and designers have shopped with us since the very beginning. They've watched where we are going and supported us all along the way. We have decorated entire houses for some clients and watched them create memories there... then move to another house and have us do it all over again.