Furniture with Substance

Quality Pieces are an Investment in Home and Wellbeing

While a house is the most significant life investment for most people, what you put inside to make it your home is also an investment. For 15 years, Eagle's Rest Natural Home has guided homeowners in selecting quality furnishings that will last generations.

"I've always been interested in how things are made," says owner Diane Gercke. "What's important to me is what the furniture is made of, who made it, and where it came from. I know all our manufacturers personally. Most are small family-owned businesses, not giant corporations. It's just not really our style."

The furniture Gercke and her staff sell is created with non-toxic fabrics and materials. Many have lifetime warranties on the frame and cushion cores. The customizable mattresses are made with natural latex and certified organic fabrics guaranteed for 20 years.

While the furniture offerings may cost more than what is found online and in discount stores (though probably not as expensive as you might expect), they last for decades. That's a sharp distinction from cheaper options made with cardboard frames by underpaid workers overseas.   

Gercke points out, "Investing in your home is investing in things that will last. That brings you joy. Non-toxic fabrics and comfort that's going to last and give you peace of mind that you've bought an item of furniture you're not going to have to worry about changing out because it broke down on you in five to ten years."

To learn more about the manufacturers behind the furniture sold at Eagle's Rest Natural, visit EaglesRestNaturalHome.com. Better still, stop into the showroom at 815 Massachusetts and try out some pieces for yourself.

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