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Premium Dog Daycare, Boarding, Grooming And Training Is A Wag Away

For pet owners who want their dog kids to board, day-play or be groomed by dog lovers who celebrate 'dogs being dogs,' check out the safe, fun and state-of-the-art setup at Fuzzy Butts Doggie Daycare, Boarding, Grooming and Training. 

"We play, snuggle, hold and interact with all the dogs, and get to know them really well on an individual basis," assures Fuzzy Butts' owner Lia Koyner, who took over the facility in 2016 after being a client for five years of the previous owners. 

Lia says she wants every single dog to be supported with quality care, which is why she and her team guarantee each dog gets four walks a day. With a background in pediatric occupational therapy, Lia understands firsthand the value of therapy dogs and horses in people's lives. 

At 12,000 square feet, Fuzzy Butts is the largest dog daycare in the area, with 4,000 square feet of play area divided into three sections, based on dogs' temperament and breed size. That area is staffed at all times. Their outdoor, covered courtyard provides for climate-controlled, year-round and unleashed dog play. "We want the dogs to get fresh air while always being protected. And our operation is set up so they can't jump over or dig out," Lia explains. 

Safety is a paramount at Fuzzy Butts. That's why they have no crates or cages. Each dog is provided either a 4x6 or 6X8-foot private suite, including a raised, orthopedic Karunda bed. "We also have geothermal heat, LED lights, skylights for natural lighting, wet/dry vacuum systems, and eco-safe and biodegradable cleaning products, as well as 24-hour cameras throughout the building," says Lia.

She says they also have a sprinkler system all through the facility as a safeguard. 

Taking Care of Dogs For Health Care Professional and First Responders

Due to COVID-19, Fuzzy Butts closed its daycare and grooming services on March 20. Overnight boarding was still available. 

Lia says they immediately offered to assist medical professionals and first responders with taking care of their dogs while they worked longer, sometimes erratic shifts. 

They opened up dog daycare on May 28 for two days a week, then returned to being fully open for all services seven days a week on June 22.

They've also instituted a phased drop-off procedure as a response to coronavirus safety concerns, which includes a portable holding run that enables clients to unleash and place their dog into the area. Owners keep their dog's leash and collar, and only one dog can be checked in at a time. During each dogs' stay, they then are handled with leashes that stay on-site and are frequently cleaned. 

Additionally, the Fuzzy Butts team gives back to the community by assisting local rescue groups, including The Rescue Express and Providence Animal Center through fostering homeless dogs until they get adopted. 

Dog Enrichments

Bubbles, pool water play days and play equipment round out enjoyment for Fuzzy Butts' dogs. Lia says they use positive reinforcement for overall control, meaning leashing and redirecting any dog that may be getting assertive, barking or simply having a bad day. She says they are cautious regarding dog behavior to maintain a fun, safe play experience for all dogs.

Fuzzy Butts encompasses 75 boarding suites, five deluxe suites, and five pampered pet suites used for pets with special needs. Lia says they can handle up to 60 dogs in daycare. There are some boarding dogs that do not play in the group areas due to age, health issues or temperament. They are exercised independently in the outdoor yard, covered courtyard or the nearby trails.

Some pet owners have their dogs board to receive one-on-one training multiple times a day. 

Clients also can request that nails be done or baths be given while their pets are there. 

Lia says her husband, Steven, helps to work the operational portion of the business. "We hire other dog lovers, and our staff culture is all about loyalty and building each other up. We're proud of our work ethic and our staff retention. All of our full-time senior team members have been with us for the past three or four years, and are as eager as us to engage with the dogs," she says. 


1585 Conchester Highway, Garnet Valley


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