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Your body is a universe. Your mind is immeasurable. And your soul? It is beyond Eden Prairie Lifestyle’s powers of estimation, though suffice to say it is rather big.

Barriers. Imbalances. Disconnections. Machines can’t detect when these things are in your body, mind and soul. But they don't need to. You can sense them well enough – as well as address them, with Vanessa Nordstrom’s help.

Vanessa’s mother was a Christian Scientist. Her father was a Buddhist and also practiced the same spirituality as his Native American ancestors. Vanessa therefore grew up surrounded by holistic health and wellness; to her, good health and good beliefs were inextricably tied to one another.

The country where Vanessa’s father learned Buddhism was also where he was exposed to Agent Orange. He showed no sign of harm until 24 years later, when he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung and brain cancer.  

“His doctors gave him two weeks,” said Vanessa. “But they didn’t know what he was capable of. His powers of healthy living carried him another 18 months. He passed away on Father’s Day, just five days after my high school graduation.”

Vanessa studied environmental policy in college. Upon discovering limited demand for that area of expertise, she went to work in the consumer packaged goods industry. The corporate world would keep her for decades until she finally left to found a business that helped other businesses adopt more sustainable practices. That was in 2019. The following year did not sustain Vanessa’s new venture.

So much the better. Vanessa’s worldview hasn’t been the same since her father’s battle with cancer. That is when she witnessed the big picture – the ways in which physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health must intersect to create true holistic wellness. She now shares that insight with others through F.Y.T. Health & Wellness.

“I founded F.Y.T. to help people remove the barriers, imbalances and disconnections that are keeping them from becoming their true selves,” said Vanessa. “By breaking down their care into eight pillars of wellness – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, environmental, nutritional and occupational – I’m able to see where the whole person’s strengths lie, and where their opportunities for improvement begin.”

After gaining an understanding of how you are feeling and which symptoms you seek relief from, Vanessa may treat you with any of four modalities: Body Code, Emotion Code, Healy and Reiki. 

“Body Code allows me to tune in to my client’s subconscious – not in the same way as therapy, but more directly, so I can sense where the most troubling imbalances are and what’s causing them. Body Code rebalances the body, releases the trauma and disconnections which manifest as painful symptoms, and reveals causes of previously unexplained injuries.

“Emotion Code focuses on emotional baggage. When negative feelings become trapped in our subconscious during points of weakness, physical and mental illness can both follow. That’s because each stressor you encounter can create what is known as a ‘heart wall.’ In addition to interrupting the body’s natural ability to heal, heart walls can make it difficult to form strong relationships. Emotion Code breaks them down.

“During a Healy session, my client wears a small device that stimulates healing with individually determined electromagnetic frequencies. It resynchronizes the body’s natural frequencies and restores balance to them, and can be directly applied to problematic areas as well.

“As a Holy Fire Reiki Master, I support healing, relaxation and stress relief by guiding my client’s energy flow to where it’s supposed to be. Reiki can bring substantial relief to anyone who is suffering from emotional distress or anxiety, but the feelings of peace and calmness it instills truly are beneficial to all.”

F.Y.T. Health & Wellness fosters greater well-being in humans and animals alike. You may learn more about Vanessa’s holistic approach to wellness and schedule your initial consultation at

I’m able to see where the whole person’s strengths lie, and where their opportunities for improvement begin.

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