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Save Money, Help the Environment

Anova Solar Helping Homeowners Become More Self-sustaining

With rising energy costs, there’s no doubt that consumers are looking for options.  What does the cost of power look like for the future? 

The unknown leaves many people feeling uneasy. While some consumers may feel like the steadily increasing electric bill is out of their control, fortunately, it is not. With technological advancements, consumers can, in fact, take control of their homes and utility costs. 

Co-owners and cousins Ben Williams and Russell Simmonds of Anova Solar are on a mission. They would like to help people take back control of their lives by becoming self-sustaining.

How? Solar energy. 

Ben explains, “There is an alternative way for [consumers] to significantly save on power while helping the environment, and most importantly, take control of their own power… living sustainably on your own instead of being dependent on the city or utility.” 

“It gives the power back to the people,” Russell adds. “Month by month, homeowners’ incomes are dwindling because they’re paying more and more for energy. When you go solar, you’re locking in your rate. It’s inflation proof.”

In a recent interview, the two men answered some common questions for consumers interested in transitioning to the solar energy lifestyle:

How do solar panels work?

The panels absorb the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The consumer sells the energy back to the power company, and a credit is built throughout the day. At night, the credit is used, and during the day credit is built. The goal is to offset power usage 100%. Most consumers will overproduce.

What will my monthly energy bill look like?

With solar, a consumer is locking in a rate. It is clear what the payment will be every month. It’s never going to increase, and it will actually go away at the term. It’s a predictable, steady payment. Having solar, in a sense, is “owning” your own energy. 

How can you guarantee that a home is running most efficiently?

Efficiency can be closely monitored with an app. Anova closely monitors this efficiency.  Anova is Pearl Certified, and this is a difficult certification to achieve. The Pearl Certification will certify that the home is considered a “green” home.  A Pearl Certificate is provided that shows the increased value of the home after purchasing solar. In order to get the certificate, the homeowner must have a Pearl Certified company install the product. In Oklahoma, Anova is the only company to offer the Pearl Certification. 

What if the home’s roof doesn’t allow for enough solar panels to match the energy usage? Or what if trees shade a home?

Every home is customized. There are options. Carports can be built, and Anova works with the consumer to maximize efficiency.

Are there incentives to go solar?

Currently, the federal government solar tax credit covers 30% of solar installation costs.

How can consumers be ensured that they are helping the environment?

Every home receives a custom report that shows how their solar intake impacts the environment. 

How long does the installation process take?

Once the decision is made, a permit is obtained, and the installation process begins. Anova has an engineering firm that develops each proposal. The process typically takes 14-20 days.

What are customers saying about Anova?

“I can’t speak highly enough about Anova Home! From start to finish, they have been a fantastic company to work with.  I have been so impressed with their timeliness, knowledge, and honesty. They took care of all the permitting process, which just made it a breeze. They installed everything so efficiently and personally helped us with the transition. Their salespeople and installers are professional, very informed and well-trained.” 

"They took care of the permits, installed the whole system in one day, and they’ve monitored our system ever since. They’re the best. Good price came with great customer service. Highly appreciable Anova Solar."

- - -

Anova is one of the only companies in Oklahoma that does not subcontract the installation. Anova is all “in house,” from the sale, to install, to warranty.

“We’re doing things differently,” Ben explains. “We’re embedding in this community. Our intent is to be here long term.” 

For additional information and more customer testimonials, visit


711 NE 39th St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105


“We’re embedding in this community. Our intent is to be here long term.” 

  • Russell Simonds
  • Ben Williams

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