Galentine's Day

My Favorite Things Edition

Galentine's Day, observed on February 13th, is a tribute to female friendships. Though it may scream "another made-up Hallmark holiday," it actually emerged from the TV series "Parks and Recreation!" And let's be honest, as women who often carry a hefty part of the load for the holidays, a day set aside to spend time with our girlfriends is just a good idea! This year, why not celebrate the love by gathering your besties for a My Favorite Things: Galentine's Edition party? 

Choose a theme/location/budget: Coffee and pajamas at home? Out to brunch? Margaritas by the pool? You know your girls! Remember, each guest is buying THREE of their favorite item, so keep it budget-friendly. Everyone will go home with 3 of their friends' favs.

Invite your girlfriends: Whether there are 5 or 15 of you , ask each person to bring THREE of the SAME item within the budget. You know that thing you find and you just have to text your bestie about it... a favorite new gadget, a life-changing book, an amazing mascara, or a time-saving kitchen tool... be creative! One of the perks of February is that you have just been inundated with gift ideas over the holidays. (Let's just hope no one can find 3 of that horrific sweater you got from your mother-in-law!) Reiterate to bring THREE of the SAME item. (You all have that one friend who will show up with three different things. We will forgive her.) Encourage recycling of holiday gift bags for easy presentation access!

Gift Presentation: As guests arrive, have them write their name on 3 paper hearts and place them into the name bucket. Next, from a deck of cards, pass out a hearts card to each person.  The person with the lowest card goes first! Share the gift you brought & why you love it, then choose 3 names to receive the gift. 

Allston McEwan is a 4th generation native Orlandoan who loves to write, travel, and spend time with her loving family, amazing friends, her two chihuahuas, and their doggie daddy. Shout outs must go to Tracy Ball, Megan Judd, and my rock star Galentine's crew!

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