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Garage Equipment Storage Solutions for Outdoor Adventurers

No matter your hobby, we can help you store all your equipment!

Article by Inspired Closets

Photography by Inspired Closets

Picture this: it’s Sunday evening and you’re driving home after a day at the lake. Everyone’s replaying the events of the day–reliving the feeling of the sun on your skin as you lounged in beach chairs, laughing about the moment your youngest got up on water skis for the first time quickly followed by a wipeout, and checking out the rocks and shells your oldest collected. The closer you get to home, the faster the conversation shifts to, “We all need to help carry stuff inside and put everything away.” Your request is met with excuses from the teenagers in the back. Honestly, can you blame them? The last thing anyone wants to do is take the kayaks off the Suburban’s roof rack and unload wet towels and sandy beach bags into a space with zero garage equipment storage. Almost instantly, vacation fades and it’s “back to reality”.

But what if reality was different? What if preparing for an outdoor adventure and unloading the car when it’s over didn’t feel so daunting, and dread didn’t set in as you pulled in the driveway, anticipating all of the unpacking that’s waiting? What if you didn’t have to think about how to store the kayak in the garage because the spot where you hang it up is right by the car? What if there were dedicated cabinets for all of the beach toys and sunscreen, slatwall hooks for the beach chairs and umbrella, and a hanging station for your life jackets so they can dry off before you put them back in their designated spot in your custom cabinets? What if you even had a spot to easily rinse off all of the sand and lake water?

What if?

Let’s imagine the garage equipment storage solutions created custom for your family are the things that make that “back to reality” moment pretty great. Let’s imagine a space designed specifically for your family and the things you love to do so activities that are supposed to be relaxing become all the more enjoyable. Let’s not only imagine it, let’s make it happen. We’re here to help you tackle garage equipment storage so you can take on any outdoor adventure feeling calm, confident, and totally in control.

Creating Space in Your Garage for Outdoor Hobbies

Whether you already have outdoor activities you enjoy or you’re like so many other people who find themselves thinking, “We need to get a hobby,” odds are you’ll invest in all sorts of gear and equipment for that activity. Golf clubs, kayaks, fishing poles, and a tackle box–whatever your hobby of choice is, you probably aren’t thinking about how or where these new things are going to be stored ahead of time. Once you have all of the stuff and you start living with it in your space, the issues extra clutter creates start making themselves clear and the need for garage equipment storage becomes unavoidable.

Outdoor equipment can be hard to store. Often big, bulky, and awkwardly shaped, a lot of people resort to leaning things against the wall which means they can easily get knocked down and they make it hard to move throughout the garage. A lot of homeowners don’t even use the garage as a place to store their larger outdoor equipment because, in addition to the cars, tools, and lawn care stuff, they can’t possibly imagine how the skis and fishing poles can fit, too. Many outdoor hobbies also come with a lot of accessories as well. So, it’s not just the big, bulky equipment you have to think about, but all of the little extras and gadgets that go along with it, too.

Aside from storage needs, outdoor hobby equipment can get expensive. You invest in your hobbies, so why not invest in a solution that will protect and prolong the life of your investments? Dedicated garage equipment storage also keeps things organized, easily accessible, and creates more usable space. When you have specific, custom solutions for exactly what you need to store, your things will come together perfectly in your space just like the pieces of a puzzle. At Inspired Closets, we not only offer custom organization solutions, but many of our garage equipment storage solutions, like adjustable shelves and slatwall, are flexible and can be modified to fit your changing needs. And, any future homeowners can adjust the storage so it works for them, too.

With all of these different organization options and configurations, along with storage needs that are unique to each home, our design experts work with you to create the ideal combination of storage solutions for a completely custom garage that best fits your exact needs. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of garage equipment storage we can design and install to make your outdoor hobbies more enjoyable and your life a lot easier.

Fishing Storage Solutions

If you know anything about fishing, you know it’s a hobby that comes with a lot of different gear. First off, when considering how to store fishing rods in a garage, it’s important to keep your rods out of direct sunlight and store them in a dry space that’s off the ground. This will protect them against wear and tear and prevent molding or rot, which commonly happens in the cork and foam handles. The storage solution? Custom cabinets that are the right height and length for your rods, or slatwall and a rail system that utilizes moveable hooks to hang the poles.

Aside from fishing rods, you need space for your tackle boxes, lures, and bait. This is another instance where custom cabinets, drawers, and adjustable shelving can all work as ideal garage equipment storage. We can’t forget vests, waders, hats, and any other gear you wear when you’re by the water. Having a hanging section in custom lockers or cabinetry, or hooks on slatwall, makes it simple to grab all of your fishing apparel when you need it and hang it up when you get home. Plus, keeping all of the fishing apparel in the garage keeps that fish smell out of your house!

Golf Storage Solutions

We can’t guarantee that every game of golf will go your way, but we can make sure that each day on the golf course starts right. How? By showing you how to store golf clubs in your garage in a way that keeps them organized and readily accessible. Custom cabinets and lockers keep clubs and golf bags safe and easy to access. Or, you can make your way over to your slatwall section and adjustable shelving system to grab your golf bag right off a hook and sling it over your shoulder.

You can also store golf shoes, gloves, balls, and tees on open shelving right next to where you hang your bag. An open shelving system is a great opportunity to have some fun and get creative with your garage equipment storage, too! Clear jars work well to organize tees and balls, creating an aesthetically pleasing yet still functional design moment.

Bike Storage Solutions

Whether you have a road bike, a mountain bike, or even a tandem bike, Inspired Closets has garage equipment storage solutions to protect your rides and keep them out of the way. Our slatwall and wall-hanging solutions make it easy to store your bikes up off the floor so they don’t obstruct garage walkways or make it tough to get to your cars. Plus, having bikes on the wall makes it easy to change a tire, tighten the brakes, or do any other maintenance as needed. We also offer floor bike racks that keep your bicycles secure so they don’t accidentally tip over when you’re trying to squeeze by.

Are you someone who enjoys the ease of using an electric bike to commute to work or ride around town? If you’ve thought to yourself, “How do I store my electric bike in my garage?” we’ve got you covered. E-bikes work well with our floor bike racks, and we can ensure your storage system is installed by an outlet for convenient charging.

Bikes have a lot of maintenance needs, so installing custom cabinets, drawers, and shelving to store all of your bike tools and accessories just makes sense. Slatwall is a great option for hanging up helmets, bike locks, and spare tires, while bike tools and extra tubes can stay organized behind cabinets or in soft-close drawers. We can even create a dedicated station just for working on bikes so your garage is a one-stop-shop for all things bike-related.

Hiking and Camping Storage Solutions

If you’re an avid hiker, backpacker, or camper, chances are you need garage equipment storage for more than just your hiking boots. Custom shelves and cabinets keep tents, hiking packs, sleeping bags, and all your other gear easy to find and protected until you’re ready to enjoy some quality time outdoors. Slatwall hooks are perfect for hanging up awkward-to-store hiking poles to prevent them from bending. Our adjustable Shoe Shrine® makes storing bulky hiking boots or trail runners super simple. Plus, the garage is an ideal spot to clean dirt and sand off of your shoes and other gear so you don’t track anything inside.

Ski and Snowboard Storage Solutions

Because skis, poles, and snowboards are challenging to store due to their shapes and sizes, custom garage equipment storage for these winter activities just makes sense. Whether you choose to go the hanging route with our metal rods, hooks, and shelving attachments, or you prefer to keep things hidden behind the doors of custom cabinets, our designers ensure your equipment is easy to access and completely protected. These winter favorites don’t come without plenty of gear, so we’ll ensure your custom garage equipment storage has shelves for boots, hooks for helmets and goggles, and hanging baskets for gloves and hats.

Kayak Storage Solutions

One of the more common garage equipment storage puzzles is how to store kayaks. First, keeping kayaks out of direct sunlight is the best way to protect them against damage, aging, and discoloration. So, it’s a good thing custom garage storage dedicated to fitting your kayaks in your space is something we do! Kayaks can be hung up horizontally snug against the wall on slatwall hooks, or, we often utilize overhead storage to keep kayaks totally out of the way. When designing storage for kayaks, our designers also consider accessibility so you can easily get to your kayaks and quickly load them on and off your vehicle.

Surfboard Storage Solutions

Like a lot of other outdoor activity gear, your surfboards take a beating when you’re actually using them. When they’re not in use, shouldn’t you keep them as safe and protected as possible? There’s no better place to store wet, sandy surfboards than a garage. We can help you keep the outdoor mess contained to a space that can handle it and even create a place for you to rinse your boards down with fresh water after use so salt water doesn’t corrode your board.

Storing your surfboards inside your garage also helps protect them against the elements and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. When considering how to store a surfboard in the garage, our designers think through multiple options depending on your space and preferences, including wall-mounted racks, adjustable shelving, or overhead storage. And, they’ll ensure they’re near a shelf or cabinet space where you can store fins, wax, and SPF.

Wetsuit Storage Solutions

How to store wetsuits in a garage can be tricky for homeowners. Ideally, you need space to hang your wetsuits to preserve the material and prevent the wear and tear that’s caused by folding them. Plus, the hanging space needs to be able to handle the weight of wetsuits and allow them to easily dry. Luckily, our designers make this garage equipment storage problem easy to solve.

When you’re first off the water, your wetsuit needs to be rinsed. So, our team can add a sink or washing station to your garage design for ultimate convenience. After rinsing off your wetsuit, you can hang it up to dry in a dedicated hanging station and then easily transfer it to custom cabinets once it’s dry. Because UV rays are tough on neoprene, it’s good to keep your wetsuits out of the sun and behind closed doors when they’re not in use. We also recommend opting for wetsuit-specific hangers so the hanger can handle the weight of the suit and keep it from falling on the ground.

Customize Your Garage Equipment Storage

Don’t let the dread of packing and unpacking or fitting things back into an unorganized space prevent you from enjoying all sorts of outdoor hobbies and adventures with your family. When you have customized garage equipment storage, you won’t mind coming back to reality after a day at the lake, an afternoon on the golf course, or a weekend in the mountains, because your reality will be pretty great.

Download our digital brochure to get inspired by the different ways our design experts can customize your garage equipment storage to make life less complicated. A garage designed to store the things you and your family love to do will make everything easier to find, protect your investments, and ultimately make using your stuff more fun. Ready to take the stress out of outdoor adventures and make more memories with your family?

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