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Fill Your Life with Adventures, Not Things

Simple ideas for keeping your hobbies organized

When Todd McCann found himself in a job loss as a commercial airlines pilot, he learned quickly that he had no other option but to pivot. Completely changing industries, Todd found pleasure in serving his clients in a whole new way. He is passionate about an organized way of life that keeps your hobbies and adventures at the forefront of your mind. Todd thoroughly enjoys family life with his wife and two children and continues to be passionate about flying. We got a chance to sit down with Todd and learn more about what he does to enhance the lives of others through organization with his company, Garage Solutions.

1) How did you get started enhancing Garage systems?  

I was going through a job loss and I was looking for a business to buy or create. I came across Monkey Bar Garage Organizers online and liked the product's look and the people who own the company. After several months of investigating and thinking about ownership. I jumped in feet first. 

(2) What is, in your opinion, the easiest and most economical solution to enhancing your garage?  

If you are asking about our products. I recommend the Monkey Bar shelving. It gives you the most storage options and is the strongest on the market.

(3) What do you love most about what you do? 

I'm helping people, and I love the look on their faces after we are done.  They can't believe the transformation of their space.

(4) How do you apply your previous career as a pilot to your everyday work ethic or customer experience?   

Taking care of our clients is job number one. Same as when I was a Captain. Always acting professionally and being honest with clients.  If something goes wrong, we tell the client asap with a promise to fix it and make it right, and we do.

(5) What have been some of your favorite projects?

Probably the projects where the client has been dreaming of a clean, organized garage, and we step in and knock it out of the park. 

(6) What are some of the most popular enhancements you install?  

The two options we offer are open shelving (Monkey Bars) and closed (Cabinets). Both have their plusses and minuses.   For the price, the Monkey Bars shelving is top of the line.

(7) What sets you apart from other companies like yourself?   

I think my employees.  All of my people treat my business like it's their own. That’s hard to find. 

(8) Is there anything else you would love your future customer to know about Garage Solutions?  

After 11 years, we have proven to be at the top of the game in customer service and quality.