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Summer Gardening Tips

With The Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed in Chanhassen carries a wide variety of flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs and other fine plants that will transform any Eden Prairie home into a little piece of Eden on the prairie. We spoke with Kelly Lorenz, general manager of the locally owned landscaping and garden center, for her tips on gardening in the summertime.

Water new plants individually, treating each one to a sip from your watering can. Their roots are still rather isolated, so your lawn sprinklers may not reliably quench their thirst.

The heat of summer is still fine weather to plant in. Roots can find cooler soil to take hold of so long as you’re diligent about watering regularly.

Look out for insects! They are most active during the dog days of summer. Intruders like the Japanese beetle and potato beetle can be dispatched without guilt, but do try and be gentle with nice bugs.

“Deadheading” isn’t necessarily about rock and roll. Trimming the dying flowers from a plant lets it devote greater energy to producing healthy new ones. Get crafty with the flowers you’ve cut off!

Keep a gardening journal. It’s the best way to remember the things you love most about this year’s garden so you can reimplement them next spring.

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